1/7 Aizawa Nao Review by Orchid Seed

Here’s a 1/7 scaled Aizawa Nao, released by Orchid Seed, sculpted from an original illustration from some magazine. She’s apparently a witch with a devil’s tail.

I honestly like the figure more than the original illustration. On the figure, she looks much more cuter in my opinion! It’s almost as if she happened to be sitting on top of a pumpkin, chilling her day away. However, it’s missing that malicious feeling (or that tempting look) from the illustration.

Spin her around and… voila~

She’s my very first figure from Orchid Seed, and I must say that I am amazed by the quality. I was expecting their quality to be similar of Kotobukiya, but I was wrong. It’s definitely better than Koto, but below Good Smile Company for sure. I’d say somewhere in between them.
Nao is also my very first castoff figure ^^;;

Let’s start with the face. No matter how amazing the sculpt and paint job is, if I dislike the face, I’d pass.

She has this very relaxing expression. She looks happy, pleased to sit on a pumpkin. Her mouth is nicely sculpted and the blush is not too dark/strong. It has a soft pink color that makes her look youthful and cute. I mean, she’s pretty pale, so without blush, she may end up looking like a zombie.
She also seems to be looking to her left… I wonder what caught her attention?

As you may have noticed while looking at her face, her bangs are nicely cut. They’re sharp! Bonus points, since lower end figures tend to have round ends or look sloppy in general. Even the hair strands are nicely done (except for the flaw in below picture) . ^^v
Even the hair underneath looks sharp. Most lower end figures completely ignore the underside and make ‘em totally flat and shapeless.
Also, the hair is flowing very nicely. Like it’s kinda… embracing the wind xD Most lower end hairs have hairs that bow down to gravity.

Hair is the 2nd more important criteria for me.

Alright. Let’s move on to her body.

Her skin and overall figure is smooth (no sand, yay). I’m so glad there are not bits and pieces of plastic bumps popping up here and there.

Paint job is well done, except the lil pumpkin button on her shoe is not painted accurately (this is kind of expected). The gradient color on her tights makes things a lot more colorful, and helps add some depth. Speaking of depth, her cape’s paint job is great as well. There are also shadows and highlights on her hair (mostly around the crown) and hair tips. The creases on her cape and tights add some reality to the figure, that she’s not just another figure with plastic slapped on her. Though… I fell like her cape is very heavy judging by the few number of creases. I would have preferred a lighter-looking cape. Of course, this could be just a lack of details from the company, or simple the simple art style of the figure.
Her breasts look squished between her arms, but they don’t look as huge compared to the original illustration. It doesn’t bother me though, I don’t like oversized breasts. Her pink nipples are nice too. Makes me wanna pinch them ^^”

Oh. I also just noticed that they painted her nails! A nice nude pink.

The seams are well hidden (legs, arms, hair crown), except that on my figure, one seam on her forearm has a flaw. *sob*

As for the color scheme… It’s alright. Definitely has more colors than the original illustration, but in real life, the figure looks a bit bland. Well, the orange and blue contrasting colors help. I think the hair’s to blame. It’s this very… washed off red-ish brown. A lot of figure reviewers Photoshopped their pictures to make their pictures more attractive so Nao’s hair end up looking orange-brown. But really, it’s really a boring shade of warm brown, in my opinion. I think it would have been better if it was more of a chocolate brown.
Also, the metallic gold ribbon on her hair is a nice choice. I mean, if it were blue or black, I think it’d add more “boringness” to the figure. The metallic gold really spices up her hair.

Overall: Paint & sculpt is very good. 8/10

Seam only visible from behind

Flaws? Certainly.

As you may have noticed from the pictures above, you can see a blotch on Nao’s right forearm. Not sure what happened there =/
Other than that, there are tiny teeny paint or sculpt flaws here and there, but it’s nothing too noticeable.

I did mention that she is a castoff figure. Her bra is removable and interchangeable with another bra that exposes her nipples, sort of like a plate under her breasts. To remove her bra, you can remove her forearms, which I did not know previously. *sweatdrop* I just squeezed and squished the bra in and out with both forearms on before, which explains the lack of pictures xD Thank goodness her bras are flexible.
You can also remove her head to put in her cape. I felt that the head is a bit too tight though. I wish it was a bit more loose, no harm right? In addition to that, the back of the cape’s collar is kinda pressed against the back of her hair, so the neck area is quite tight. I was afraid to break her at that moment ~_~”

Another negative thing about this castoff figure is that there is a paint transfer issue. I didn’t know about it until I read about it. *pout*
For example, I mentioned that the neck area is really, really tight. I remember forcefully wiggling her head into her neck, but I couldn’t insert it all the way through.
Today, I wanted to take off her cape for photography, so I took removed her head. Gasp! Paint transfer. Her neck (well the post) is red and her shoulder has a light orange spot on it.
Worry not though. People say with a paint thinner, you can clean those paint transfer spots.

Honestly, I’m not too worried about this since I don’t think I will be removing her clothes that often… though, this problem could potentially ruin someone’s overall enjoyment of their figure.

Interior and exterior

Alternate sexy version of her bra

Ah, she also has a tail that you have to put in yourself (it’s very easy!). It’s sort of fragile, so make sure not to snap it or get the tail caught when you move your figure around

And… yes, fan service time.

(Image may have been removed without notice)

Her base is a large plastic clear purple dish with her name printed on it. Eh. not too fond of it. I wish it was black instead. The purple doesn’t match with her brown shoes >_<;; Oh well, you can display her without her purple base at least.
The pumpkin she’s sitting on actually has Nao’s hand and butt imprints to ensure that she’d stay in place.

As a whole, she looks good from any view. Usually, the back and the sides are not as attractive because the hair looks flat or what not. In this case, hair flows nicely 360 degrees and you can really enjoy her from any angle ❤
I really mainly bought her for the cape (I have a huuuuuge thing for witches and magicians), which is why I’m going to leave it on. I’m sure a lot of people would rather display her with bra and cape off ^^


She’s lovable, cute, and sexy. If you see her on sale or at a cheap cost, you should consider getting her. I mean, she’s a castoff figure! How fun is that? Yes, she does have some technical issues, but to me, her upper body and head (face) make up for the losses.

Though she is a 1/7 scaled figure, she really looks like a 1/8. I’m looking at her right now, and the size of her limbs and face looks like my 1/8 Caster from Fate/Extra. Maybe a tiny teeny bit bigger, but it’s more like a different body shape (more meatty) than a bigger sized woman.

Taiga: “O… Oppai!”

Since I just made a lightbox ❤ , I tried to play around with some photography. Gota admit, a white background looks a lot better than my living room with trash in sight ^_~


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      • Haha I love my icon. I like following figure blogs which you can tell the owners really put the effort into. You recently started this one? I hope you keep it up 🙂

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