1/8 Dead Master Original Ver. Review by Good Smile Company

Dead Master, the fearsome scythe wielder skull lady~!
She’s a 1/8 scaled Original Version figure made by Good Smile Company (my first figure from them, too) and she originated from original illustrations from the series Black Rock Shooter. She and the main girl of the illustrations got so famous that the series got adapted into anime/OVAs.
FYI, there’s also an Animation Version as well.

* Note: Not original illustration for figure. Picture (flipped horizontally, too) used only for reference.

According to Wiki…

“Dead Master is a girl with wavy dark green hair and straight bangs, and neon green eyes. Her outfit is similar to a Gothic Lolita outfit. She wears a black dress and a black bolero; her dress extends down to her thighs and is accented with a white ribbon attached to her waist. Dead Master also wears a pair of leggings and a pair of black pumps. She wears a pair of black gauntlets on each hand. On her head is a pair of long horns which resemble a pair of vertebrae with each tip made out of three tips joined at the end. Dead Master also has a pair of wings which sit low on her back, looking like a thick zigzag.”

Yup, there ya go. The description is quite accurate of her overall figure, plus, she really looks like the Dead Master version in my heart xD I first saw her as a wallpaper and fell in love with her.

Gothic loli? Check.
Bangs? Check.
Cool eyes? Check.
Green? Check.
Curly twin tails? Check.

Alright, here’s a quick all around view of our Dead Master.

I honestly think she looks only good from a certain angle, like her right side, which kind of forces you to display her in a certain way. Oh, to add, her head is really inclined downwards, so minus points for posing. You end up staring at her bangs (I have her on my table, so yeah) if you don’t place her on a higher shelf spot. Unlike other figures, at least you have a choice to display them in wide frontal angle.

Now, let’s face off!

From far, she kind of looks more evil than she actually is. In a close up shot, somehow, I find her cute. *scratches head* It’s probably that smile and also, most of her bangs are covering the arch of the eyebrows. What kind of bugs me though, are her lips. The upper lip is very thin and also nonexistent. It’s probably a common way of drawing lips, but I was always a huge fan of the unloved upper lips. Show ‘em some love! As for the facial structure, I think she’s missing a cheek bone, but it could be because of the original art that gave her a flat face.

Anyways, the eyes. They’re mesmerizing. Kind of reminds me of Saber Alter’s eyes, but a lot less creepier. Probably because Dead Master smiles a whole lot more than Saber Alter. If you even look more closely, the color is not a “solid” fill. It’s actually lots of small dots on top of a green gradient.  A picture can probably do a better job at explaining than me ^^;;

Dead Master’s hair and color were the selling points to me.

She has has this jagged straight cut bangs with curly twin tails that look very realistic. The hair is perfectly sculpted. No mud slides or rounded edges. No complaints!
The hair looks like a shade of pitch dark green, but if you look more closely with a bright light, there are green highlights that I absolutely love. Not a lot of figures are like that, or maybe I just don’t own enough figures to know xD Her hair also has more streaks of green highlights on her curls and on the back of her head.
I remember reading comments from various blogs where people were concerned about Dead Master’s hair color; whether it would be green enough to our human eyes. Actually, now that I look at the promo pics again, her hair is a lot greener than the released version. Gah. Well, I don’t mind it so much though I would have preferred for her to have a more noticeable green hair. Right now, even though she looks darker than the promo pics… if you have some kind of light source on your shelves or table, you should be fine in displaying her green highlights at least.

Here’s a comparison with no flash (regular light) and with flash.

Moving downwards, let’s talk about her outfit.

Nothing special in particular. It’s a rather plain and minimalistic gothic outfit. However, the amazing sculpt of her skirt makes up for the lack of decoration. It’s just so amazing, spinning like a cyclone. I only wished her small white ribbon on her dress was more visible. Her pants are not half bad. Although they are also plain, the bottom of the pants are loose and dynamic. Also, note that her pants are bit more matte than her dress.

Her shoes? Office lady black short heels :D
On my figure, her left feet (not pictured) actually doesn’t fit the base perfectly. It’s slightly elevated. I’m just hoping that she won’t lean or fall off easily in the future.

Yes… I did not forget to shoot her from below ;D I almost did though, haha.
Wait, she has not pantsu. Sorry people. I’m actually kind of bothered that her pants around her pelvic area seems too tight and uncomfortable, as if she forcefully wore a kid’s pants, but oh well.
Dead Master has some accented pelvic bones.

Her hands (gauntlets), horns, and wings are nicely sculpted and painted. I actually just noticed today, after constructing my lightbox (YAY ^__^) that her wings and gauntlets are actually of dark brown. With flash or a bright direct light source, you can definitely notice the color differences. In the past, I thought they were just black altogether.

In the image below, you can clearly see the different colors that are not usually spotted.

Speaking of hands and wings, the hand comes with an interchangeable finger where you could stick the skull on her finger. This was an easy task for a newbie figure collector ^^ Mind you though, even though the skull rests on her finger with no falls, it will drop like a falling rock if you happened to bump it lightly. As for the wings, they were a lot tougher to assemble. I had to slowly wiggle them in. I wasn’t able to fully insert the wing on the left, but it’s alright. The chain is really easy to lay on the figure, really. I noticed that a lot of people don’t use the chain… but I really like it. It’s like, pepper on steak.

Other than her glow-in-the-dark skull (yup!), she also comes with a scythe and a chain. The scythe just looks epic. Her thin and frail body can actually wield a scythe that heavy? Hmm.  The chain slides perfectly in her hands and rests neatly on the base, so no need to worry about any issues. The quality of the scythe is great too. Pictures says it all.


Yes. My Dead Master is constantly tearing on her right eye. I guess some glue accidentally touched her eye. Doesn’t really bug me though since I don’t always look at her with a flashlight at that angle.
Other than that, perfect paint job and perfect sculpt in terms of shape.

On the dress, you can spot them, but they are not obvious since the dress is black. And there is also this weird smudge on her right side breast. However, you will only see it under a bright spotlight, . As for hair seams, they are nicely hidden, masking it as if it was her hair parting.

Dead Master’s base is one of the coolest bases in the figure world. It was another selling point for me. The way how the scythe just rests on the base looks like she just effortlessly sliced the ground in half out of madness to intimidate her foes.
The damaged black and white tiles are all unevenly distributed on the base to accentuate the collapsed ground. The painters did not slack off on the sides of the base either. There’s some yellow blotches here and there to kind of imitate the soil stuck on the concrete.


I did not regret purchasing Dead Master. Although I would expect a more malicious serious look on her face, her current face is not that bad. Her clothing, scythe, skull, base, and hair are wonderful. All these things make the enjoyment of the figure a whole lot better. Sometimes, I just cannot stop staring at the amount of detail given to Dead Master. She also has very minimal paint/sculpt flaws so that’s always great.

Eventually, I’ll own the Original Version of Black Rock Shooter (almost made from GSC) and place her next to Dead Master ^^v


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