1/8 Melty Review by Kotobukiya

Here we have our adorable 1/8 scaled Melty, a magician with silvery hair wearing a loli gothic outfit, a character from a PSP game called Shining Hearts (she also appears in the anime Shining Hearts as well). She is made by Kotobukiya and this is my first figure by them.

From Wiki, here’s a description of her background and personality.

“A “tsundere” witch who loves ice magic. She resides in a mansion separate from the village, and because she’s not too fond of people and hates the sun, she avoids going out. Rick will end up in the company of Melty as he searches for the ingredients for creating “extreme ice cream.” In battle, all Melty’s special attacks are ice cream based. She can also make her familiar spirit, Sorbe, absorb her damage.”

Well, she doesn’t look like a tsundere at all, based on the figure alone xD Tsunderes rarely ever smile or laugh out of pure happiness, so to capture her laughing moment on a figure is sure precious!

(Excuse the plastic film covering the figure, this was the only shot I can find that showed her entire upper body. I didn’t take enough pictures that day, rawr.)

Based on the original illustration, she’s quite accurate. I do notice that her face looks different from the illustration, specifically her eyes. Originally she looks a lot more relaxed with a radiating soft laughter, but on the figure, she looks a lot more excited.

Her facial expression was one the of reasons why I bought her.

A quick tour of Melty …

She kind of has this delirious face xD Especially her eyes… they have so much emotion. It’s almost as if she was screaming “AMAGAD!” It makes me smile and happy whenever I stare at her.

Her face is pretty nice, nothing unusual to report. She does have elven ears though.

Her hair is pretty average. Admittedly, they look sort of sludgy and rounded. The hair ends are not as sharp and pointy compared to higher end figures. You can especially notice it from her bangs.

In certain angles, her hair looks really voluminous (thanks to the indented hair strands), but once viewed from underneath it’s quite flat. Luckily, when viewed sideways, her hair still looks thick thanks to its curve that goes around her body.

Also, her hair is not matte like most figures. She has silvery pearly hair as you can notice from the pictures.

Well, since we have an undershot here… let’s talk about her butt and panties xD

She has a small butt, but still there judging by the shadows. Her white panties are tight between her buttcracks.

The front of her panties has lace imprint that is kind of half ass done, but oh well. I can overlook that. She has some kind of undergarment-sexy decoration there… Naughty Melty!

Let’s talk about the outfit now.

Melty is wearing a gothic loli outfit and it mainly has pink and black as its color scheme.

You can obviously tell that she’s full of frills (the bottom of her dress and her hat) which I absolutely love. When you have a gothic loli outfit, frills, ribbons, and layers of the skirt (she has 3) cannot be forgotten. ^^” The frills around her undergarments are kinda clumpy and shapeless as you can tell from the panty undershots. As for the layers at the bottom of her dress… it feels kind of immobile and hard since they are uniformly hard and bouncy, which is forgiven since the original illustration is like that as well.

Focusing on her upper body, she has a small bust.

There is an open area in the middle down to the belly, but the belly button is poorly done. It’s barely visible.

She also has a big pink bow tied on her neck that keeps her tiny cape secure on her shoulders.

Melty wears thigh high … what? I’m not sure if they are stockings or part of the shoe (notice the cute heart button clip). She also has this rounded lace cut design around the top of her thigh highs and around the cone of her hat. Sadly, her shoe… it looks sort of ugly. She also has a matching glove.

She also has a super oversized mage hat with a huge bow (another reason why I got her, I love mage hats & bows) which covers almost half of her head. Some criticize that her hat is way too big and the interior kind of looks like the underside of a mushroom. I can kind of see the mushroom thing, but it doesn’t really bother me. The bad thing about that is you cannot display her on her side or back. As a result, she looks most attractive from the front only. That’s kind of a bummer, since if you look at the from behind, there is a tiny silver heart hanging from the tip of her hat. So cute xD

As an extra fashion accessory, she has a little deviruchi on her head holding a popsicle. How adorable.

I can’t tell whether she is surprised judging by the pose of her hands or if she is just trying to hold onto her hat. Kind of bugs me, but I can overlook it xD

As for noticeable seams, they are average. They’re not really obvious, but you know they are there. I honestly think the seams on Melty is well done. As for paint job, it’s pretty decent considering that Melty is cheaper than your average high end figure, but of course, at smaller areas such as the small heart clip on her thigh highs, it’s kind of sloppy. As for the silvery strands that wraps around her thigh highs, they look cheap and obviously painted on. If they were added on as a separate piece of plastic (or at least, embossed), it would look a lot more realistic.

And, of course, she has some paint job flaws here and there. They are mostly tiny and unnoticeable unless you look at her very closely.

Her base is a simple white plastic dish. At least it’s small! Melty’s legs are screwed in the base so you cannot detach her from it.


Even though she’s not top notch quality, she’s pretty average and affordable for figure collectors, especially for those who are fans of the game or illustrator Tony Taka.

Her facial expression is just absolutely adorable! And if you love mages, ribbons, or frills, you might want to consider this figure.

“Uwaah… It’s a huge flower!”


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