1/8 Caster Review by Phat Company

This is my first figure from Phat Company who is relatively not really famous, but produces pretty good quality figures. Caster is also the first character from the Fate universe that I have. Being scaled at 1/8, she has a really dynamic pose with a lively face full of cuteness. Also, her fox-hand sign is like, over 9000% points of charm. I never played any of the Fate visual novels or games (did watch Fate/Zero & Fate/Stay Night animes though), so I had to look up Wiki to find out what kind of character she was.

“Caster is one of the three playable Servants available to the Fate/Extra Protagonist in Fate/Extra. Caster is sometimes comic relief, being a goofy, silly, and cheerful young fox woman. She sometimes take the battle and the situation by each week of the game seriously.”

Cheerful? Yup. I sure got those vibes from Caster!

I don’t think this Caster figure is sculpted with an original illustration in mind, but she is very accurate to the original concept of the character.

Let’s jump to her face. One of the main reasons why I bought Caster was because of her face. It’s just full of cheerfulness.

Isn’t she cute? Don’t know about you, but her face is very inviting. No, not the sexually enticing look. It’s the inviting look of “Hiya, wanna come and play?” kind of look. And, she has fangs! Of course… she’s a fox so that’s expected and not just another-female-human-who-has-fangs-to-increase-moe-points. I also really like how they sculpted and painted the mouth. If you look again, the darker pink below the teeth adds a lot of depth to her mouth, as if she were real/3D. Her face is really great, but I just wished her nose was a bit more prominent. Also, her eyes are pixelated-filled like many other figures, and gee, I thought it was uncommon to do that. Shows how newbie I was when I reviewed Dead Master ^^

Moving on to the rest of her head, she has cute foxy ears with two twin tails coming out of her blue bow. At first I thought it seemed odd, but it doesn’t both me much. The seams on her crown were well hidden and looked natural (though you can spot some very minor seam lines and extra mold cuts here and there). As for the sculpt, it’s pretty good, except the fact that the edges are a bit dull (rounded). You can also notice the dullness of the hairs on her fox ears and the lack of hair detailing on her fox tail. I suppose they would look a lot better if it actually looked more fluffy and fine to add more depth and realism.

Caster has a very attractive color scheme. Pink, royal blue, purple, black and shiny gold for the final touches/details.

The folds in her clothing are well sculpted (adequate and not over-exaggerated) and the paint job is great besides the sloppy paint job on her collar (quality control fail?). I really like how the “white things” (spare me!) hanging off her kimono is painted in white pearl (so is part of her fox tail). I also love how her blue hair bow is actually semi-clear just like the original character design. Behind Caster, she has two long black pieces of cloth hanging from her lower back with golden designs on it that actually doesn’t look sloppy and true to original designs (eg: squiggly lines). In general, her outfit is super cute. I’m also a kimono fan, so I’m sold, and yes I’m biased. *grins* Kimono sandals and high knee socks, anyone?
I just wonder how she manages to keep her puffy sleeves up.

Additionally to cloth, she also has a mirror hanging off her tight sleeve! A nice addition related to a figure is always great. Oh, don’t worry. On the picture, that’s only my hand mimicking Caster’s fox-hand sign.

I do have to complain that the paint job done on her thighs are bad. Scrolling up back to the close up image of the “white things”, notice how there’s a thick area of orange above her knee socks. It doesn’t bother me that much since I don’t inspect her under bright lighting, but to some, that may be a no-no.

Ah. Shimapan!

One thing I keep thinking about is whether Caster will be a leaner. Well, I actually haven’t heard anything of her being a leaner, but who knows? Her leg is quite diagonal in my opinion and requires a lot of balancing in real life to avoid oneself from falling. Well, I just hope that she has a nice metal stick inside her leg for support. I really don’t want to fix my figures… being the lazy self I am, it’s so much work.

Her base? Square and blue. I find square bases kind of hard to place around (I find round bases more convenient) and the blue color could have been better. Couldn’t they just make it a color in her existing color scheme, like that royal blue or the purple from her socks? Meh, not a fan of her base, overall.
Oh, and the figure comes unattached to the base in the box.

One thing I gota say is that this figure radiates charm, fun, adorableness, and cuteness just gleaming everywhere from her figure. With such positive characteristics, her overall paint and sculpt is not lacking either, which is really great. If you’re a fan of the Fate series (especially if you’re familiar with Fate/EXTRA) and/or love animal people… I think you gota pick this one up.

Luckily, she is currently up for pre-order for the second re-release at HobbySearch and Amiami.
I actually got her slightly overpriced and got her a month before her re-release. Bah!


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