Chii Review by Kaiyodo

The series Chobits will always remain one of my favorite series in my heart. I remember watching Chobits and feeling so sad for Chii and her sister Freya 😦 Anyways… Here I welcome, Chii, into my new collection ^^ She is now gracefully laying on a layer of cold glass next to my giant figures. She is certainly she smallest figure in my collection! I have no idea what her scale is. If I were to give a lucky guess, I’d say 1/12 scale.

I hope to collect another figure of her in the far future. Unfortunately, figures of her are rare, and the only good lookin’ ones are garage kits only.

“She is a Chobit, a type of persocom that is far more technologically advanced than regular persocoms, and who are said to possess true machine intelligence rather than relying on the execution of pre-loaded software programs like other persocoms.”

This Chii is made by Kaiyodo, a company I’m unfamiliar with. Based from what I browsed, their quality tends to be under average.

In the comparison pictures, I’d have to say that the figure is almost exactly the same as the original illustration, besides the fact that her eyes are a lot lighter in the figure. Actually, the colors in the dress and hair are different, too. Nonetheless, among all Chii figures released by companies, this Chii is one of my favorites because of her pose.

Oh, the horror! Yes. Our Chii is a hot mess. Looks like our painter did a quick job before runnin’ out to grab a beer.

It may not look so appearant, but her face has a thin film of light green, probably from the spray that also painted the hair. Not to mention, the shadows in her hair are blue. Her face also has a rough finish. Yes, the hair is tinted-green as well 😦 She used to be blonde. And her ears is bleeding blue, which is not normal.
Also, her fingers are melting.

I remember freaking out. I thought I got a bootleg because her hair, face, and ears were painted and sculpted horribly in comparison to the promotional pictures. I did browse through other people’s pictures, but there were very little close-ups pictures of this Chii probably because, well, she’s not very beautiful up close, ha! Now I know why. Well, there you go people. Stare at these imperfections!

Speaking of promotional pictures, let’s dream for a bit.

The promo-Chii looks considerably more dark blonde with healthy smooth peachy skin. I’d say my Chii took a trip to the Power Plant before coming to my house πŸ˜‰

Now onto her body.

Our lovely Chii, despite her flaws, is wearing a beautiful long blue asymmetrical dress with some kind of garter on her thigh. ❀ My type.

With these pictures, we can clearly see more of the bad sculpt in this figure. Extra plastic & mold lines here and there with a very rough finish (kind of like dried clay), just like her face.

What about the other half of the figure, the purple couch? Why… that couch is absolutely perfect.

I adore the couch. Not only it’s well made, but it complements Chii very well in terms of style and elegance. Nothing more can be said but to emphasize, again, that the chair is 200% better sculpted and painted than our dear Chii. Also, I’d like to point out that there are very nice “folds” on the leather couch.
Also, the couch depends on Chii to stay straight. If you remove Chii, the couch will flop. I wish they somehow put that into consideration… You can’t re-use the couch for anything else, unless you lean against a wall.

Chii has no undies and no base. She is her own base as her bottom is completely flat and painted blue with printed copyrights. As the counterfeit looks very much like the real deal, as long as you have the copyright prints under Chii like this one, you should be fine.

Though I was very disappointed with this figure and had a small fit in my head, for some reason, I still love this Chii. I think the winning points go to her pose, her couch, and her dress that really builds up this whole “Chii” atmosphere. Now all I need is an awesome Chii garage kit…
Overall, if you’re a strict top-quality figure collector, I’d say skip this one. Unless you’re building a Chii / Chobits shrine, the garage kits (if you can afford and paint one) and other figures of Chii manufactured by bigger companies like this one by Art Storm, seems to look a lot better than our Chii by Kaiyodo.

With this said, my Chii won’t be sitting in a dark corner or thrown in the closet because of her flaws. She’s still beautiful.


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