Nendoroid #60 Kokonoe Rin Review by GSC

Kokonoe Rin, a character from Kodomo no Jikan, is super cute. When I first laid eyes on her (I just sounded like a pedo for a second there, hmm…), first thing I thought was her kawaii-ness. She’s so adorable ;___; Upon Googling around for her, I found out that she’s quite pricey for Nendoroid… but it was a price well paid.

From Wikipedia…

“She has a mischievous nature and has proclaimed herself to be Daisuke’s girlfriend; she will go to great lengths to make him fall in love with her. This has resulted in her crossing moral and legal boundaries many times, including blackmail and taking advantage of Daisuke’s inability to respond to her forcible advances by threatening to scream that he is trying to molest her, when in fact it is her that is making those advances. Despite Rin’s mischievous nature she has shown herself to care deeply for her friends and family, going to any length to defend them. Also much of her bad behavior is a result of trying to hide the traces of the vulnerable little girl she used to be as a result of a tragedy in her past.”

Official image from GSC

Rin is the one with the massive twin tails and pink balls tied around her hair. Her two friends are also part of the Nendoroid collection! The one with the black hair is Kagami Kuro, and the braided brunette is Usa Mimi.

If I’m correct, Rin was my first purchase from Mandarake. I sure was nervous as it was my first time there… and my credit card wouldn’t work. That issue created a huge mess for me as my bank and credit card company blocked all my cards because they thought they were all fraud transactions! So beware and pay with Paypal if you can.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that Mandarake tends to exaggerate their call on box damages. Well, my box was just a tiny teeny bit dented and they called it [damaged], so if you care about boxes, you shouldn’t worry too much about the packaging.

Rin comes with very little parts, but one important thing that won’t make you feel too bored from Rin are her three faces. As far as her accessories go…

– Two bent arms (her arms have either L or R written to help you differentiate them 😀 )
– Two shoulders
– A collar (it’s a bit raised in order to fit the school bag)
– A school bag

Cute little grade schooler, eh? ^^

She comes with three faces. She has a default mischievous face, a laughing face with closed lids, and a worried face. I’m always happy when GSC offers good face plates for Nendoroids because it makes the figure feel complete and posable for various situations, portraying her/our mood perfectly.

One thing you’ll notice, though, is that she feels very soft and glittery. I can bend her arms as if she were melting which surprises me, but seeing that she’s an old Nendoroid, it makes me wonder if the older releases’ bare arms are all this soft.
As for the glitter, it’s not that appearant unless you’re under direct light, say, under a lamp.  It was very hard to capture her glittery face as I don’t have a professional camera, but this was the best I could do (picture below). I compared her face with Taiga Aisaka’s face which is completely matte.

Rin has adorable twin tails that are attached again at the end. Double twin tails? No idea what you call that hair style, but I’m a sucker for twin tails. The shading on Rin’s hair is very good and it looks very 3D. I’m glad she’s not totally flat and it shows how much effort they spent into shading her hair. Not only shading, but the sculpt is good too (hair streaks and the parting). As for hair seam lines and stuff, it’s well concealed because they used Rin’s crown to camouflage it.

She also has two giant pink balls on each of her imaginary rubber bands. On the Nendoroid, these areas have joints so you can move the hair around and such. For example, in the picture above, it’s like as if a strong wind had just blown by Rin, pulling her twin tails along with it xD

You are also able to detach the hair from any joint! For example, you can create a short-haired Rin (or baby Rin) if you want by replacing her long twin tails by her shorter ones at the ends. Warning though, you might need a few tools to help you pull the joint off because mines were very tight. I’d rather not use the shorter twin tail ends and leave her as she is. I forgot to take pictures of Rin in short hair. Bah.

Also, beware of paint transfer. The pink balls’ paint were transferred onto Rin’s twin tail. Considering the time that she has been sealed and locked in her box since 2009, I suppose GSC failed to predict that she might suffer from paint transfers here and there.
Maybe if you slowly take off her twin tails, you wouldn’t experience my issue.
I’m just worried that her red backpack might transfer onto her white shirt… time will tell.

There’s nothing much to say about the choice of outfit (which I also didn’t mention in my other Nendo review) since these characters typically wear the same clothes everyday.
But as for the quality, it’s pretty good: no blotches, bleeding, or malformation.

Excuse the orange legs. Had to Photoshop the picture because it had very poor lightning.

Rin has the traditional skirt base that older Nendoroids tend to have. It’s a m-shape  plastic base that secures the legs. It may sound good on paper, but on some Nendoroids, they’re tough to squeeze in. In other cases, they are too loose to hug the legs, and as a result, Nendos fall out of it (!) .
Luckily, the skirt base on Rin is not a problem.

Another interesting thing is that you can use her massive hair as a base when taking pictures and what not. I wouldn’t recommend displaying any Nendoroid figures without the base as it prevents your figure from tipping over.

Overall, I did not regret Rin’s purchase. I love all my Nendoroids, but Rin ranks somewhere above the rest of my figures… especially since she has twin tails ❤ Though she has limited accessories, she has three adorable facial expressions to make up for it.


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