Nendoroid #204 Meiko Honma [Menma] Review by GSC

Alright, here comes my first review of the cute nendoroid, Honma Meiko, also known as Menma for those who have seen the anime *raises hand*. I will also continue to use her nickname just because… it totally suits her -^^-

For those who are unfamiliar, nendoroid is another line by Good Smile Company that features Super Deformed character (chibis) figures that are posable, but not as flexible as Figmas by Max Factory. To read more, you can check out the FAQ page.

Excuse the ugly pictures and the lack of quality since these pictures were really old and I’m still trying to figure out how to review a nendoroid properly. I think… I think I’m just going to go with the flow with no specific format, unlike my scaled figure reviews.

*mumble mumble*
OK, back to Menma. Sorry for ignoring you.

I wanted to copy and paste the Wiki entry for Menma, but it’s full of spoilers. To put it simple, she’s a sweet and cheerful character who’s very lively and cherishes her childhood friends and memories. As a pillar in her circle of friends, she tries her best to maintain a happy and friendly atmosphere between them all.

Alright, let’s head towards the real thing now.

Oh gee, Menma sure does come with A LOT of parts! Insane…! She even gets an extra tray that’s set beneath the usual plastic casing. I was surprised to find them there, as I was a newbie Nendoroid collector at the time.

Excuse me as I don’t have a picture of Menma spinning around. I will edit this post in the future when I’ll remember about it. Meanwhile, here’s her front and back.

With nendoroids… it’ll be hard not to see the hair seam as we need to split the hair in two in order to insert different face plates into the body. I was sure surprised when I saw Menma’s head. I though to myself, “wow this is ugly”, but it finally came to my mind that it was necessary and inevitable as Menma has completely flat hair.

Also, don’t be surprised at the lack of quality. Yeah, for the price you’re paying, that’s the quality you’re getting. There are usually paint blotches here and there and seam lines (majority on hair), but oh well. They are not totally visible as they are Chibis. Surprisingly… the quality of Nendoroids rivals Ichiban Kuji’s chibis that I own o_o;;

From many of the pictures above, we have seen Menma’s three faces.The default super happy face, closing lids, and determined face. I personally think it fits her perfectly and were well chosen for her Nendoroid parts! The happy face totally represents our image of Menma, always cheery. The closing lids reminds us of the times where Menma is in deep thought thinking about her friends… or maybe just simply relaxing hehe. The determined face is totally derived from the anime scene where she bakes cookies/muffins for Jintan, one of her best friends. I forgot if they were yummy or not though ^^;;

Moving on to hair… she has this silver blue hair. It has very little shadowing (only a teeny bit towards the hair and fringe ends).
And yup… her hair seams are visible alright, also especially around the side of her hair. You see a huge cut there which seems to be a popular spot to add hair… which makes me wonder how on earth artists sculpt hair.

Similar to her face plates, Menma has good accessories that comes with her and were well chosen to represent the anime scenes and general aura of Menma. Especially the trademark pink flowers! Like I said, I was overwhelmed when I saw her come with two trays of accessories and limbs! Imagine the possible poses you can do with Menma here.

Menma has a special magnetic base (and special base in general: look at those flowers!) that doesn’t come with most Nendoroids (even the newer releases) and I’m not sure who else has a magnetic base as well, but if I recall correctly, there’s one. Anyways, there is a magnet on the back of Menma’s hair and once you put the base’s magnet close to her head… -snap- !
It’s very solid and study. Absolutely love it, however, the gigantic white magnet snapped behind her hair is really not aesthetically pleasant.

This nendoroid also comes with an extra base accessory which you have already seen in the picture above with Menma’s closed eyelids. There are four sticks with flowers that you need to insert in two little moon-shaped plastic thingers. Then, you place them on each side and angle the flowers to your liking. It’s really cute. As far as I can tell, they feel fragile when inserting and pulling them off, but I’m not really worried about it.


Yes. Among my Nendoroid collection, only Menma has huge (well, I’m kind of exaggerating here) sculpt hair flaws that shows a gap between the ears and the hair. The picture below says everything.

Besides the flaw there, her quality in general also seems to be a bit below GSC’s quality, but it’s nothing that noticeable besides what I’ve mentioned. It’s probably because she comes with a lot of parts and they don’t have time to pay attention to every detail.

Overall, I enjoy my Menma. Not only she’s cute, but she comes with lots of accessories that allow you to recreate the perfect anime moments and not simply just random accessories here and there. Additionally, I’m emotionally invested in Menma so… there you go xD Menma fan!

“Menma…! I found youuuu!”


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