1/8 Nankyoku Sakura review by Good Smile Company

This figure was so hard to hunt for. I remember having this figure in my wishlist for almost 4 months before I was able to order it pre-owned on Amiami thanks to a user who informed me that she was available. I was really excited when I clicked on the cart button XD (MFC members, you guys rock!)
FYI, on Amiami, she was labeled as Item A Box B. She came in pretty good shape! There was lots of “debris” inside the box and around the plastic films, but the tape on the box seemed intact. Not sure if the box was ever opened or not, but I’m very happy with the purchase.

From the show Penguin Musume Heart,

The lead character who is obsessed with manga and anime. Whenever she cosplays as someone, she obtains the abilities of the outfit she is wearing. She is part of a very rich family and is nicknamed Penguin (ペンギン) due to her penguin-like hairstyle and her surname which means “South Pole”. Growing up with anime and manga has led her to have an erratic and slightly perverted personality, and she often latches on to her female friends.

I have no idea who she is. Yet again, her appeal and yukata made me surrender my wallet.

Since her skirt is removable, she comes with a plastic sheet in between her undies and skirt to protect from paint transfer. Her torso was easy to remove, no worries.

One of the things that attracted me was her dazzling eyes. Yeah, I also have a soft spot for eyes as well. They look so bright, alert, and just full of energy. It looks like as if she’s really looking forward in going to a festival with you! Her eyes are printed crisply and her eyes are not shiny at all, unlike some others that have this annoying glare.

Her smile isn’t overly done which is nice, otherwise, she’ll look a bit crazy right here, haha. She also appears to have a very very light blush but that may be just my eyes playing tricks. I think it would have been nice if they darkened her blush a teeny bit more.
As for the sculpt, from the front and side view she looks fine. But once you start tilting her upwards, you begin to see that her jaw looks very unnatural. Almost as if someone sliced off her jaw.

I’d say that her hair is very nicely sculpted and painted. The shading is at the appropriate places, the hair tips are nicely cut and not all round and melted, and the seam lines are not too obvious (probably because her hair is dark; it’s a lot easier to hide ’em).

The cute thing about her hair? It’s shaped like a penguin 😀
It even has little ears… XD

I also really like the addition of a flower on her hair. Forgive my lack of botanical knowledge, but I think that’s a typical flower the Japanese use to decorate their hair on festivals and such. *scratches head*
Anyways, I think it’s very fitting and adds more loveliness to the figure overall.

Not sure if it’s just me, but Good Smile Company has some pretty decent quality control back in the day. This figure was released in 2009 and it’s in pretty darn good shape! Very little imperfections (besides from light scratches on her hair which you can’t see unless you’re under direct light), the mold is nice, and the painting is really great.
As a new figure collector owning many 2012 GSC figure releases, I am disappointed at their lack of care for quality. Seems like they have veered away from “hobbyists themselves” to “major corporate owners”.

She has this yukata-lolita outfit that I adore. There are lots of frills, and the frills are actually shaded in this light purple color for shadows. Her plum colored yukata has pink flower prints that are very sharp. There are no blotches anywhere (except the back of the sash in which I will further explain below). Her sash looks firm just how it’s supposed to be like, wrapping around a woman’s waist. The thin green string that secures the sash does not have any paint bleeding or whatsoever. However, in one of the pictures, you can see that the red at the back of the sash, which forms a ribbon, is bleeding over the white frills. I believe that has something to do with quality control and not all figures will have the same issue. Luckily, the flaw is at an area where it won’t be seen ^^b And lastly, she is sporting some matching shin guards (I really don’t know what to call those) and a pair of red sandals.

Painting gets a 9.5/10 for the body due to the minor flaw, and the sculpt is almost on the same level. She is nearly perfect.

You can see her hands that are quite hidden behind her and they look pretty well sculpted, for a pair of hands that will never be seen.
Her toes, however, are horrible in my opinion. Her toenails look carved and not “molded and sculpted”. A bit freaky but can be overlooked because, well, I don’t stare at toes that much. I think they could have used some extra money to polish her toe nails and cause some distraction if they were going to leave it like that.

Moving upwards a little, you can obviously see that she is well endowed. You can clearly see the shapes of her breasts and thanks to the very thin fabric, the yukata is tightly hugging her chest and her nipples are piercing through. I have to say, I love the shape. Very sexual. It doesn’t look like your typical rounded and inflated breast that you see on figures; these ones here are a bit triangular, spaced perfectly, and defy gravity quite nicely (enough to see that it’s sort of pointing downwards while having lots of density — bounce!).

The folds on her clothing are very nicely done. Everything looks natural and they are folding at the right places. Maybe a little less realistic around her chest area, haha, but oh well. That is not uncommon 😛

Her panties? Nothing special. Actually, her lower cast-off body is quite a disappointment and this could be a let down to many people. She’s not going to lose any score points in my book, but on a objective level, GSC did a poor job.

Glad to see that her panties are not white though. It’s nice to see some change in color! I think it would have been cuter if her undies were blue to match her hair or red to match her sash, hair accessory, or her sandal straps.

The fold lines on her panties are a bit weird. It’s kind of suggesting that she has a protruding genital area… or that her undies were not sowed well 😛
The back of her undies has this frill which I find useless. You can’t see it at all. Her hair is in the way and it’s only there for people who want to peek, I guess.

Also, her hips look a little strange. Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve seen better hips and thighs. Her buttocks lack roundness and definition.

With this said, she’ll be wearing her skirt at all times. No, not because of the flaws, but because I think she looks a lot better fully clothed. I do love my yukata ladies.

Her base is pretty simple. Your generic transparent colored dish.
Her feet fits nicely on the pegs, no issues with fitting. You do have to use a bit of force to pierce them in though. Let’s just hope I can pull her off those pegs when I need to box her up…

Overall, she’s one of my favorites!
Her blue hair, unique hairstyle, and electric eyes really caught my attention and I can’t keep my eyes off hers. Her yukata is very very nicely sculpted, and I believe that anyone who loves asian-themed clothing should give this figure a try, even though she sports some flaws under that skirt of hers.
Lastly, I do want to point out that she seems to look downwards a little, so prepare to display her at an eye level for full enjoyment.


6 thoughts on “1/8 Nankyoku Sakura review by Good Smile Company

  1. Man, this figure always caught my eye for many years but I never bought it. I have my golden rule that I will only buy figures from shows and games I experience. Otherwise I would be even more of a bank breaker when I buy figures. Sadly enough I did not get past the first episode of the show but that was enough to get grasp of her crazy personality.

    While the figure does not show her crazy side it does show her cheerful personality with the smile and pose and gives a nod to her hobbies with her overly frilly and elaborate mini Yukata. Plus the figure gives you a nice hint of sexuality without going overboard. Quite a nice figure for sure.

    • Hehe, I’m the opposite. I buy figures regardless of the knowledge I have of a character xD It’s actually a bad thing, meaning that I spend a lot more more than I should have.

      And you are right about her being eye catchy; you look at her and her eyes & spirit just capture your attention for a while.

      Perhaps you could give the show another try and see if you’ll like it, again.

  2. Ah she’s from Penguin Musume heart, it was a funny and entertaining ONA show.

    The figure looks really nice and resembles her quite well. Did you get her for a good price? Her bright smile is so enchanting. The short Yukata looks so pretty on her, hehe it’s really short ;D

    • D’oh, I forgot to mention where she’s from, haha! Thanks for telling me.

      Yup, I’m glad she resembles her own self, at least from the anime adaptation. Good job on GSC’s part. Most of the time they try to stick to the original art/anime adaptation. *thumbs up*
      Like you said, her bright smile is so enchanting. I find myself glancing at her first every now and then when I walk by my cabinet.

      I got her on Amiami pre-owned for 6280 JPY A/B. IIRC, that should be around the average price for it =x
      I’m quite spoiled though, often times I snag the item even though it’s a little bit expensive. I don’t want to miss the chance since I’m usually slow on bidding-like sites, haha.

  3. If I remember, that flower is a type of Japanese camellia. I only remember since that flower played such a critical role in one of the Tenchi movies. Anyway, nice review. I’ve been wanting this figure for ages but never got around to owning it.

    Her lower body definitely looks odd without the skirt. It’s almost as if the sculptor didn’t intend that part of the body to be seen. Seriously, where’s the butt?! The rest of the figure makes up for it. She’s got a really nice design.

    As for quality control, I’ve been collecting since 2006 and back in the day GSC could not be topped when it came to quality. Over the last few years they’ve been slacking, but I hope they regain their former glory someday.

    • Ah, thank you for reminding me what the name of the flower was X3

      Not sure it it’s just me, but this figure was kind of hard to hunt for. You better buy her if you spot her anywhere! She’s definitely worth it (maybe… except the missing hips/butt). Seriously though, I wonder what the sculptors were thinking of? Thank goodness her skirt covers the flaw :<

      Yeah, would be great if GSC got back on track in terms of QC. I personally love their poses more than other companies. They're a lot more dynamic and fun. At first I was a huge GSC fan, but ever since I've been slowly exposed to their flaws, I'm starting to turn my head to other companies.

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