1/8 Suzuhime review by Kotobukiya

Let’s see what we have here. Oh, another Japanese Samurai lady with a bright kimono? Yes!

Here I introduce Kotobukiya’s 2009 release 1/8 scale Suzuhime from a series called Samurai Spirits Sen. I have no idea what that is, but apparently it’s an XBOX 360 game.

I actually came across her randomly on MFC and I’m like, “oh my gawsh I have to have this even though I pledged I won’t be buying any more released figures!” Turns out, it was a good thing that I bought her because she’s kind of rare in the after market.
I bought her through Rakuten  as a second hand figure. I was really scared because she was second hand but, I’m really glad she did not stink. She did have a scuff mark on her kimono in the back, but I’m not sure whether it’s from the manufacturer or the previous user. I’m okay with that though, she wasn’t outrageously expensive.

Alrighty, review time!

Her box design is pretty standard. You’ve got windows to see the figure and panels on the side… What got my attention was the color scheme. Black and red is one of my favorite color combos.

She comes with a sword and a flute to display with, but I did not display the flute. I had a feeling I would probably lose it somehow. For those who are interested, the flute goes in her left fingers, resting the flute on a flat surface.

I don’t think there were any original illustrations to the figure. I was only able to find this which seems to be the character design from the game. In my opinion, the figure’s representation of the original character seems quite accurate… except for the fact that she’s missing her inner kimono pink dress xD On the figure, her stash is unraveled. Inviting you in, eh? Oh wait — it’s a trap! She’s holding her sword!

Done seeing her 360 view? Alright, let’s start with fer face.

She has this serious expression on her face. I’m not sure what she’s trying to say here, but it kind of looks like she’s trying to relax but at the same time, very aware of her surroundings. Her eyes are pretty glossy. I’m not sure whether I like glossy eyes or not since under a lightbox it’s pretty annoying but, meh. Her nose seems a little unnoticeable under certain angles but overall it’s okay. She has a very sharp chin. Her inner mouth is sculpted! Yay. I wish Kotobukiya would have painted her inner lip color a little darker, like a darker pink because sometimes her lips are not noticeable enough from far. And I wish her lips were sculpted though. I’m a lip person.

Her hair is pretty nice. It’s very simplistic, nothing too dramatic and flowy, but I have to admit, it looks a little stiff. At the tips of her hair are not rounded, which is very nice. She also has a strip of hair that goes around her breast, hiding her nipples.

Her hair is definitely not very shaded at all except the bottom of her bangs. It doesn’t bother me that much, but I think it would have added a lot to the 3D-ness of the figure. Also, the seam lines are very nicely hidden! It’s nice and tight! Sometimes I wonder whether older Koto figure releases have better quality… but it also could be that fact that she was an exclusive release so her quality is a little better.

Her body is really smooth and does not show a lot of skin roughness most Koto figures have nowadays. Her skin doesn’t have much shading as well, like those annoying tan lines (AKA shadows) artists spray on near sock/tight lines, which I appreciate. Everything’s pretty smooth.

Ooooh my. Her kimono is gorgeousssss. I’m going to start with the shading and coloring. It’s really nicely done! The patterns are painted clearly on her kimono. The coloring. shading, and sculpt is very 3D (especially the red stash on her lap). There are no color bleeding.

As for the mold, almost gets a perfect score. The mold line on her kimono along her right upper arm is very noticeable. I wish they could “stitch” it tighter like they did with the crown of her hair. Also, another problem is the stash. It seems to have a hard time trying to fit in somewhere. If I tuck it in nicely around her private area, the end of her stash doesn’t rest nicely on her feet. It’s elevated and it’s in the wrong place. The puzzle (the stash) doesn’t fit in the body :< But it’s not really a deal breaker in my opinion. There are just things Koto could improve in the future. Fast forward to 2012… nah. They did a pretty bad job on Takamura’s Kimono… her kimono doesn’t even touch the surface! At least Suzuhime’s Komono rests heavily on the ground with some light cloth folds here and there which I really like. Kimonos are heavy! Going on to the other details, her sandals and gloves are nicely sculpted and painted.

Underneath her is really not very interesting. Aside from the typical boring white underwear, the bottom of her kimono is completely unsculpted and left alone. Looks really ugly, but to be honest, I don’t care much for it.

One little detail I’d like to point out is the shading and molding they’ve done on the interior of the kimono. In one of the shots (The close up pic of the stash), to the right, you can see the inside of the kimono. It’s a really nice golden color… it looks really like as if it’s made of satin! I really like it.

Her kimono falls off her shoulders and reveals her nearly naked body. (By the way, she’s a cast off figure! I was too lazy to take her clothes off.) Oh, naughty! Her body, it’s nice, but there’s a section that bugs me. When I look at her sideways, her waist is way too thin for her butt, thighs, and the rest of her body. Maybe it’s a personal preference, but I feel that the anatomy is a little funky there. Good thing I don’t need to display her sideways.
Her breasts are normal (I can’t put words on it but… it really just looks normal o_o). Oh, the way how they sculpted her navel is cute. You can also see a little stomach. To be honest, I think I’d rather see some more. I’m kind of tired of seeing washboard flat bodies (stomach)…

As for her sword, it’s really easy to put in. It disconnects at the handle and you just slip in the blade through her hair and reaching to her hand. Then just connect the handle through her fingers and voila! It’s really painless.
The details on the blade is quite nice. I mean, there’s a little color bleeding but it’s nothing to worry about. I think Koto did a good job with the intricate design of the blade.

The display of the base is optional. It’s a nice oval shaped black shiny base with some gold flower design on one corner. It’s a nice touch! I’d take this base over a plain dish. What would be interesting is having her displayed on some soft furry cloth… or a real tiny tatami mat underneath her xD

Overall? Thumbs up!!! I prefer this kimono girl over my other one (Takamura’s).  It’s just really, really beautiful. I really don’t know what to say, haha. I think the pictures speak better than my words. Hurray for pixels!
If you do see her on the market, think twice before passing her by. She’s quite hard to find so, think again.


Sculpt finish : 9.5/10
Sculpt mold: 9/10
Paint: 10/10
Representation of character: 9/10 (according to picture); and I’m unfamiliar with the character.

Explanation of my rating system:

“Sculpt finish” specifically refers to the finish of the figure. Whether it’s perfect, smooth, rough or sandy.

“Sculpt mold” determines whether everything is sculpted to how it’s supposed to look. At its best, hair should have clean lines and pointy edges. Fingers do not look melted and feet do not look horrendous. Arms and legs should have definition and not look like straight piece of wood (unless it’s the style of the art). Also, seam lines should not be apparent as well.

“Paint” is pretty self explanatory. Paint should go wherever they were supposed to be painted on and should not have any spillovers.

“Representation of character” looks at whether the company and/or artist has accurately represented your character. Do the eyes seem off? Is that hair color right? Did they forget something on the outfit?







4 thoughts on “1/8 Suzuhime review by Kotobukiya

  1. I’m jealous. ^^ Just like you I randomly found her on MFC and fell in love with it instantly. Even though I am a guy I think this one is more beautiful than sexy/erotic. ^^;
    I was hoping I could buy it one day, but do you think it’ll be hard to find since it’s rare?

    • Hehe, she is indeed beautiful. I honestly would rather have her fully clothed, though. I guess it would look a lot more cooler in that pose?

      Hmmm I did a search on Rakuten and there haven’t been any sales of Suzuhime since I bought her like 2 months ago.
      If you’re perseverant enough you might find her >__< Too bad Figinstock doesn't use Rakuten. Mandarake is pretty quiet as well.

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