Racing Miku 2012 Figma #SP045 review by Max Factory


I first want to apologize for the weird lighting and white balance. I took these pictures before I changed my light box set up so yeah, I don’t like this either but I was too lazy to re-take the shots.

I never would have thought that I would get my hands on any Racing Miku products. At first I was like, “gee this stuff is expensive… I should save the money.” Did that happen? Nope ^^~
Her character design screams “CUUUTEEEEE” and yeah. Also, I fell for her hair.

Racing Miku 2012, Figma #SP045. The first Racing Miku came out in 2009 I believe.
And she will be my first Figma. She became one of my fav action figure instantly!

Her box… well it’s just your standard Figma box, just like how Nendoroid boxes are. Really, nothing to say, haha.
She does come packed in two layers, though.

She comes with an open umbrella, closed umbrella, a flag, a champagne bottle with “fizz” coming out, multiple hand parts, and two face plates. Of course, you have the Figma stand.
To see her list of all her suggested poses, check her item page on MFC. It’s a Figma action figure so, yeah, you can pose her however you want!

Her face plates are so adorable! asdfasdgasdfasdf. Woops sorry, there, my Racing Miku 2012 craze mode came out. (And yes, I ordered all three versions of her: PVC, Figma, and Nendoroid. Obsession? Oh, absolutely not.) I took a picture of her face plate sideways to see how well sculpted her face is. Her 3D mouth is so adorable!

To change her face is really easy (versus the Nendoroid, grrr.) You can just take out her bangs and her face plate can be removed afterwards really easily. Kind of like taking off a fitted Lego piece off another one.

Her hair is absolutely gorgeous. The transparent gradient is really lovely and the sculpt is great (as you can see, the tips are really sharp)! The only complaint I have is that there’s this piece of dirt lodged inside the transparent tip of her hair. Bummed about that.
Her bangs lack more definition. I wish they were more detailed!

Oh, and like Nendoroids, you can take off her twin tails.

Her outfit is kind of a … futuristic suit? To top off her robotic-looking outfit, she has this crown that makes her very princess-ish. At first I didn’t like her thigh high boots because of the white & black split, but oh well, it kind of grew on me. I guess it makes her a little more vibrant?

The quality of the Figma overall is very average. I’ve never owned a Figma before, but I’ve seen plenty of pictures where I would see paint bleeding, rough sculpts, and overall fragility of the figure. So when handling Figmas, be careful!
On a related note, I broke her umbrella accidentally. I was moving her around and her umbrella slipped off her hand… yup. Very sad. I’m thinking about contacting GSC to see if I can get a replacement.

One of my most loved ❤ You won’t regret getting her. She’s absolutely vibrant! Well, actually, it wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t like her when you purchased her.
Just don’t get your hopes too high if this is your first Figma as well. Take note that they are low quality and fragile. It’s really unfortunate that Racing Mikus are so expensive!







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