Nendoroid #239 Racing Miku 2012 review by Good Smile Company

I have so many Nendoroids that it’s getting a little scary. Am I going to stop? Of course not ^^ I love Nendoroids. They fill my heart. They’re so adorable. And I’ve got three of them sitting on my desk while I’m typing this up~

Another Racing Miku 2012? Yes! This time, a Nendoroid. I can’t wait to get the upcoming PVC scheduled to release in August.

She comes with so many parts! I love all of her poses. They’re very cute and suits her projected personality.
To see her full list of poses, check this out.

The packaging comes with decals you can stick on her car and her umbrella and what not. I usually don’t like to stick things onto my figures (and anything else like on my cellphone) so I’m going to leave those alone.

Just a reminder that she has two different shoulders. One allows your Miku to stretch her arm further and the other one closer. It doesn’t matter if you get them mixed up, as long as it fits and does whatever you’re trying to do.

Spinning so radiantly ;D
Seriously, having her on your desk is very uplifting. She helped me go through my rough times this year, haha.

She has two freakishly adorable face plates. As you can probably tell, she has a winking wide smiling face and a super happy face with an open mouth. I love them both! They did not come defective in any way. No problem here.

I do have to warn you to be very careful when you remove her ponytails! I was being a little dumb and thought that you had to remove her circle things around her hair too. BIG MISTAKE.
They’re not removable and I tried and… it snapped off from her hair. I used super glue to stick it back with no problems. So yeah, if you did the same mistake like I did, no worries at all. Just keep your cool and super glue them back together (the circle thing is supposed to be attached to the lower part of her hair strand, well you’ll see when you break it.)

Her hair is absolutely wonderful. Not only it is wonderfully painted on (the highlights on her bangs were very well done) but also the sculpt is nice and smooth… with the exception of one tiny mistake that is probably just part of quality control (the picture with the light shining on the hair piece). Oh yeah, her hair is semi-translucent at the tip of her hair. Very pretty under the sun ^^

I really love the way how her hair flows. Very multilinear and magical! That was one of the major reasons why I bought all of her 2012 figures. Dat hair. I possibly can’t overlook that.

She wears some sort of futuristic costume with an odd skirt if you ask me, haha. At first I disliked that (along with the weird design of her boots) but with time her costume design grew on me. By the way, the white is a white pearl. The paint job in general is decent on her body, but as for the boots and accessory on her hair (the circle parts), they’re a little sloppy, which is pretty standard for Nendoroids.

So, should you get this?
Only if you have the money, of course. I do not believe her price will keep inflating, so no need to buy her in a rush. She’s currently about 8,000 yen I think so, yeah, she’s pretty pricey just as other Good Smile Racing figures. I gotta say though, you will not regret her purchase especially if you’re a huge Miku fan (I’m not, really) and if you like super cute chibi things. Like Racing Miku 2012 ^^~ Plus, she comes with so many parts with cute poses! Thumbs up from me.





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