Nendoroid #197 Kurisu Makise and Mayuri Shiina ~Support ver.~ review by Good Smile Company

More Nendoroids! What do I have this time? Well, I’ve got a double bundle. *rubs hands together*

I kind of have a soft spot for cheerleader outfits, hehe, especially when it comes to Nendoroids. Why? Well, because that means I can switch the bodies out 😛 Oh, extra face plates too.

This time we’ve got Nendoroid #197 that comes in two, featuring Kurisu Makise and Mayuri Shiina from the show Steins;Gate which I dropped after watching a couple episodes. I’m not sure whether if it’s because I wasn’t in the mood for that type of anime or what, but I’m planning on giving it another try this summer since I liked Chaos;Head.


To see the full list of poses, check this page out.

Now, let’s give these two a spin.

I really love their joined hands pose ^^~

Moving on to the hair and faces, I can say that I am quite pleased with what GSC have done (with some minor exceptions).
Each of these get two face plates.

For Mayuri, she gets a open mouth smiley face and a dorky (or “derp”) face. I love them both! I’ve never seen the show and I’m not sure whether they represent the character(s) or not, but I like it enough to use it on other Nendoroids, especially the o3o face, haha.

Mayuri’s eyes are very interesting. Just like the show, GSC have faithfully recreated their eyes (speaking for both Mayuri and Kurise). For her happy face, she has a light blush (I wish it was a little more prominent) and a cute little open mouth. Her other face plate, well, pretty self explanatory!
Her hair is really sharp and nicely sculpted! They’ve managed to give her lots of volume by adding 3 layers of hair behind her and her ahoge is really sharp. Not sure if you can tell, but she has some green highlights, just like her original character design.

Moving on to Kurise…

Kurise has two face plates as previously mentioned. Her default one is, hmm, a tsun face maybe? She doesn’t look particularly angry, but I guess, unwilling to perform in a cheerleader costume xD ? I think I also see a tiny tiny bit of blush. It’s so faint, my camera has a hard time picking it up (so are my eyes). Her second face is really sweet! I’d say it’s an embarrassed face, with some blush (a different kind of blush, like this ^///^ versus Mayuri’s regular cheek blush). Makes it extra cute when blush is like /// in my opinion.

Her hair is, wow. The shading is magnificent! And, even though you see this giant seam line from her extra strand of hair on her left side, it’s really not that distracting. I think the hair color really helps kind of masking the seam lines. Well, I try not to stare at it, as it is a flaw… I also have a bit of trouble trying to close the gap on the left side. The embarrassed face doesn’t seem to fit as smooth as her default face, which is a bummer. I hate it when that happens. (shakes fist at GSC)
And one more flaw, well it’s more like a Quality Control issue, but underneath her left side bangs, there’s a scratch with blue paint. I have no idea where it could have come from, but I’m assuming it could be one of the clips that damaged her face plate. It’s pretty obvious (sorry, my camera couldn’t catch it) and I’m surprised QC employees missed it. I would have spotted it right away! :<

As for body… Well it’s average Nendoroid painting. A little blotchy here and there, but nothing too major. I’ve seen a lot worse when it comes to painting Nendoroids! It’s nothing too bad, honestly. I currently have Mayuri on my desk and I can barely see the paint bleeds and what not.
As for the sculpt, it’s a little rough (especially the skirt), but it’s nothing really too bad.

A major I have with this Nendoroid? The joints. Oh boy, they are so hard to deal with! The joints/connectors are either too loose or too tight. Reminds me a little of HMO Miku Nendoroid because she is so fragile and loose everywhere. But yeah, in the picture above, you can clearly see how loose her left arm is because the ponpon is a little too heavy and the connector is too loose. Not to mention, her ponpon falls off easily too. As for her joining hands (right arm), that one is also frustrating because it’s not made perfectly. *sigh* That was a major charm point for me.

I was surprised to see that they have white frilly underwear since they usually sport regular white undies! Good job, GSC. I like this.
Oh, and Kurise’s skirt flares up just a little more than Mayuri’s so it’s a lot easier to get an upshot of her. Or maybe it’s just me? Or it could be because of her back plug that declines her more than her friend, which I’m going to talk about now.

So, they have different bases! I was actually surprised. For some reason, Mayuri’s back plug is inversed/reversed? I’ve never seen that before. I honestly think it’s some kind of factory error but it works fine.

As for Kurise, oh boy, the little hook that goes in her back is REALLY FRUSTRATING. Maybe because the PVC hardened through time, but I have a hell of a time trying to fit that tiny thing in her back. With little movement, the plug falls off and imagine the horror afterwards. Face plant!
Well, this wouldn’t be so bad if she did not have long hair. The ends of her hair touches the thicker part of the stand so yeah, there’s really no room for flexibility. It makes me not want to touch Kurise at all! Additionally, I have no idea why GSC didn’t just drill a hole in her hair just like they usually do for other long haired Nendoroid gals. Oh well. I hope GSC won’t come out with any more of these back hooks extenders for long haired girls.
Small tip: If you’re having trouble as well, heating her back with a blowdryer might help loosen up the hole so you can insert the plug easier afterwards.

In overall, despite many problems I’ve faced with this Nendoroid, I did not regret purchasing it. It’s not my favorite, but I do like the parts this Nendoroid set offers. Cheerleader outfits? Yes! 😀 Oooh and the joining hand pose is extra adorable. Now imagine these bodies with other Nendoroid heads ;D

If you have extra money, sure go ahead. Like these costumes? Go for it! Otherwise, I’d recommend getting their other Nendoroid version with their original outfits. Kurisu has two, original version and white coat version. Mayuri has a regular version too.



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