Nendoroid #192 Yune review by Good Smile Company

Yune! Hehe, I fell in love with her when I was watching the anime. For a young little girl, she has a great sense of responsibility that comes along with a good personality. She’s caring, sweet, loving, and moe! When I found out that she had a Nendoroid, I was ecstatic to purchase her.

Yune is from the anime Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. If you have the time and enjoys the slice of life genre, you should definitely give the anime a try. The show really knows how you make you feel good.



See? Isn’t she cute?

Talk about parts! She has tons! It may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Just don’t lose this piece of paper… well if you do lose it, at least someone *points to self* took a picture and you can use it for reference 😛

To see the complete list of her poses, check this page out.

(I really should have put on her embarrassed face while doing her 360 portrait. It would look like as if she’s dizzy, haha.)

So, Yune comes with three faces. A default happy smiley face, a sad-worried face, and an embarrassed face.

I really like the fact that GSC gave Yune three different facial expressions. It makes her a lot more dynamic! Sadly, GSC seems to typically give their Nendoroids two faces or so. I think they should make 3 the standard, hehe. I really have nothing to say about her faces other than they’re really cute. Especially the o///o face!

Yune comes with two different bodies! 😀
If you’d like, you could display her with her regular outfit. I’m not sure why GSC chose this yukata in particular as I can’t seem to find her wearing that in the show (thank you, Google Search Images), but this’ll do. She normally wears her regular yukata and wears a maid version when she does cleaning chores. It’s a bit of a Lego play here when you’re removing her body parts to switch outfits.

One thing though… her paint job seems a little worse than average. Very sloppy here and there (note her sash) and on mine, the paint even got smudged on her sleeve! I guess the painter got a little sleepy on the job and smudged her sleeve while painting it. *frown* I guess their quality control team missed this piece. :< At least I’m glad it’s not somewhere too obvious, like right in front view.

Yune’s base is your typical “new” Nendoroid base (new, because it’s not a leg or skirt base). What is different, though, is the fact that it plugs into the back of her sash instead of her back. GSC seems to do this on their yukata releases (like Yukata Miku). I guess this is the most convenient way to display Nendoroids that have outfits like Yune.
The bad thing about this type of base is that, if you’re not careful enough, your Nendoroid might fall if you’re carrying it improperly or if it was made too lose (the sash piece to her back). Luckily mine is fine, but I get very paranoid when handling her around. Just be careful.

Overall, if you liked the anime and like Yune as a character, I think you should definitely purchase this! Not only her facial expressions are well represented in Nendoroid form (with 3 faces!), but the company was able to give Yune an umbrella and two different outfits to recreate scenes from the anime (or new scenes for yourself). In other words, Yune comes with a heck ton of diverse and different parts. Plus, her current value is super cheap because the show is quite unpopular (aaaw).
Even if you are unfamiliar with the show, heck, you can just buy her for the sake of the umbrella and the outfit. It’ll look great under a sakura tree in Spring time ^^;;




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