Nendoroid #261 Hatsune Miku ~Yukata ver.~ review by Good Smile Company

At first I really wanted to resist buying this Nendoroid, but couldn’t get over the fact that it’s a Nendoroid body in a Yukata. Okay, gotta admit too that Miku looks really adorable here! Her twin tails are twisted into a bun, plus, she’s looking at you with a shy face!

To put Miku in a yukata outfit is a great way to milk money, GSC. xD
The original illustration is so adorable and the Nendoroid looks really like the illustration. Sadly, the color of her hair isn’t like what Miku is on the Nendoroid. On the illustration, it’s a lot more turquoise and yellow toned. I really like that color on Miku. To be honest, I like it better than her regular peacock-colored hair on her figures (isn’t she supposed to be like, teal?)

Alright, let’s start reviewing her faces.

Aarrrgghhhghghgh her faceplates are totally adorable! She comes with two and I’m really really happy to say that both of her faces are (finally) different from her usual ones. On the original Miku Nendoroid and other variants, she always has that same dull smiling face that I dislike. I don’t know, but I guess she looks a bit “derpy”. In any case, you don’t be getting any dull faces here! You have this really overjoyed, dreamy, and silly Miku face. It looks like what you would see in mangas, xD

As for the other face, it’s a lot more emotionally toned down and less comical. It’s something more gentle and soft. She looks at her subject with her usual eyes but with a blushing smile. What are you embarrassed about, Miku? What’s even more “moe” is the way how she covers her smile with her fan.

Good job, GSC. *thumbs up*

Miku sports two buns that is sculpted and not just rolled into a perfect sphere (yay). It’s really cute! The paint job on the pink hair ties are a little sloppy, but not bad enough to detract your attention on Miku. From a far/normal distance, it’s not very noticeable (as with typical Nendoroids).
As you can see, the paint job in terms of highlights and shadows are really great. You can clearly see the parted hair line behind her head along with hair strands (whatever you want to call that, I have no idea). Also, the paint job on her hair is also perfect on her front bangs.

The patterns on her yukata is perfect. Nothing botched there. I’m also glad to see that the company have included a mini version of the fan tucked behind her inside the bow of her sash. The problem is… Miku cannot look upwards while the fan is in place. The bottom of her head hits the fan! That is a bummer for me because whenever I place Miku on my table, I cannot have her looking upwards, staring at me. Yes, I love it when my Nendoroids are looking at me on my table, xD

Other than her two fans, she can also hold this little pouch most ladies hold when they wear yukatas. No worries, it was quite easy to put that pouch in place, but be careful because it’s a little small and fragile (the strings are flexible).

Aaand this concludes the review. I really have nothing too bad to say about this Nendoroid! All I have are compliments. The cuteness of this Nendoroid is over 9000!!! I do think it’s one of the necessary additions to your Nendoroid family/collection because of her yukata body (well there is another nendoroid you should look at too) and her face plates. They are unique~





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