Nendoroid Petit Hastune Miku ~Support ver.~ by Good Smile Company

I’ve always liked the chara design for Cheerful Miku. Not only her hair is fluffy, but her outfit is really cute, energetic, and happy 😀 This is what the people of Japan needed (I guess). The Support versions and “cheerful” products GSC profited contributed to the funds to help their country recover from a deadly earthquake and tsunami combo back in 2011.


There is also a PVC 1/8 scale version of this Miku by, of course, Good Smile Company. Thinking about buying her? Prepare to pay at least 200$! I wish I entered the figure hobby earlier so I would have the opportunity of ordering this cutie at original price.

Cheerful Miku comes with so many parts! I was surprised to see her plastic packaging compared to other Nendoroid Petits. Her roll was longer than others.
This Miku also comes with a magazine filled with Hatsune Miku art by Pixiv members. It’s pretty much the Japanese version of Deviant Art. I’m tempted to start collecting art books but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fully appreciate the books. I love art, but once I get them in my hands I’m not sure what to do with them. It’s probably cheaper for me if I can just collect art digitally ^^;;

Isn’t she adorable? The way how they sculpted her pose is really dynamic. Looks like she is really jumping and spinning.
I say the company did a great job translating the 2D image in 3D. The sculpt was able to captivate the spirit of the original illustration.

I don’t have much to say about her face. Smile!
I do think this is the cutest Miku among her Nendoroid Petit line.

Her hair! Oooh. It looks so fluffy and thick! Almost like a scarf that’s ready to wrap around you, hehe. I really like the design of her hair and the way how the sculpt was able to give it a very dynamic feeling. Obviously, this is not PVC quality. As a Nendoroid Petit, roundness, blunt edges, visible seam lines, and paint smudges are to be expected (i.e. the silver paint on her ribbon, the round edges of her hair, etc). I guess you could categorize her along the higher end of prize figures. The shading, though, is still very exceptional. You can definitely tell from the pictures.


As you can see, Miku has her own cheer leading outfit. Instead of sporting her usual black tie, she’s wearing a pink one with a cropped shirt, showing her belly. Her skirt is similar to her traditional outfit, but her shoes are totally adorable! She wears these boots that are highly adorable, there are hearts on it!

Miku also has a different headset than usual. It covers her ears and bands behind her head. It looks a little awkward here, but I assume the PVC version looks better.

One thing I’d like to note is you may have some difficulty trying to fit her ears under her headphone. Just be careful and don’t be afraid to apply a little pressure on her ear. Same goes for her hair joints.
The hardest thing was her pompoms. I was getting really pissed because I had a very hard time trying to stick them in her hands! I used A LOT of force and she was okay, so don’t worry. Of course, don’t break it!

Overall, this Miku is surely going to sit on my desk when I’ll be writing hard assignments 😛 She’ll be a great encouragement, just like my other Nendoroids in my collection!
As a variant of Miku, I think this cheerful version is not to be missed. Not only her hair is different but her outfit is different as well. However, if I recall correctly, her price tag is a little hefty for such a small prize figure (because she comes with a magazine). Maybe you’ll be lucky to find her for 1,000 yen at online shops like Mandarake or Rakuten.



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