Nendoroid #257 Nyarlathotep and Shantak-kun Review by Good Smile Company

Another Nendoroid for review!

I don’t know this character at all. Nyarlathotep is from the anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, which is an anime about aliens, I think (haha). She is some kind of deity and, of course, she protects the main male protagonist of the show.
I was merely charmed by her eyes and her hair. The hair and eye color color is really eye-catching! Not to mention, her hair is cute. That ahoge is alive!


I’d say she looks just like her anime version ^^ I looked up the manga version and she looks different. I see they decided to adopt her checkered uniform rather than her school outfit, which I’m glad for. For some reason, her shoes are not pink like the illustrations, but the company gave her black shoes instead. I wonder why?


Time to look at some faces! She comes with three faces. A shyly smiling one, a happy one, and a sad one.

Look at how bright those eyes are! They’re color and sharp. I think her grey hair really compliments her eyes. Each of her faces have a different shade/kind of blush. Her sad face has a really really faint blush. Then her regular smiling face has a noticeable blush. And then for her sad one, you get a circle blush, kind of comic-style. I like all of her face plates as they are pretty normal. Great for changing the mood ^^

What’s great about this Nendoroid is the fact that each of her expressions come with a different ahoge and they match with her facial expression. Adorable, right? A great selling point if you ask me, hehe.
About the paint and sculpt, I think it’s very well done. Her hair is shaded at the right places and the sculpt is pretty sharp for a Nendoroid. No complaints.

Her clothing is very well done too, for Nendoroid standards. Paint is usually sloppy but here, there is very little paint bleeding. The only mistake is the checkered pattern on the front of her skirt. If you look closely, you’ll spot the odd one that doesn’t match up to the other squares. It’s not a big deal for me, but it would have been great if the skirt came perfect.

Her base is a little different than the usual bases with two foldable areas. Her stick is a lot shorter due to the fact that she has long hair. It looks troublesome, but I did not have any problems installing mine. Hopefully yours will be trouble-free!

This is Shantak-kun! Pretty well made, don’t you think? This bat-like creature also comes with the Nendoroid. Not sure whether if it’s her pet or minion, but I have no intentions of displaying it. I didn’t watch the show, so there’s not much incentive for me to display it. Besides, I don’t have a lot of room anymore on my shelf! DX

So, do you need this Nendoroid? Well, as always for my rule of thumb, it depends on whether you like the character or the parts offered. I think she is pretty versatile. A happy face, shy-happy face, and a sad face. On top of that, she comes with a little minion (or pet). If you need a Nendoroid that offers a lot of facial expressions, I’d say you should go for it. Besides, her quality is above average, which is always good news!



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