Yui, Ritsu, and Azusa K-ON! Ichiban Kuji ~Fushigi no Kuni de Teatime~ by Banpresto

I love K-On and I’m always waiting for the day when companies would be releasing new K-On figures. Surprisingly, they sell pretty well as there is still a large K-On fanbase (right?). If I were a high level employee at some popular figure company, I would for sure make new K-On figures, hehe.
Well, here we have prize figures from Banpresto (what they’re best at). The quality is usually pretty good for the price tag, but in my experiences it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes they’re flawless but sometimes you can get a pretty flawed figure. Moving on to the pictures!

I think Ritsu was the worst of the bunch (for me) in terms of quality. She doesn’t stand well on her own and her foot slips off the base pretty easily if you’re not careful! And that is the reason why they give you a base with a support rod. These prize figures are made to be flawed. On top of that, her forearm is really dirty. I’m sure I can wash it off somehow, but I’m too lazy. However! That doesn’t stop me from admiring Ritsu. I think she is one of the most charmful of the five, I have no idea why. I’m usually not a Ristu-girl, too.

Look at that stare! Her eyes are really… dazzling!!! Maybe that’s why I feel drawn into her whenever I look at her. Not to mention, instead of her usual yellow head band, this time she has a cute brown headband with a bow. I think it’s really cute and not really Ritsu-like, but whatever adds more to her moe-ness to her image, haha. I wish Banpresto would have chose a different color for it though. The brown-on-brown doesn’t really catch my attention, or maybe that was their intention. Nothing too flashy. I’m more of a color-contrast type of person, hehe.

The sculpt is smooth (as with other Banpresto prize figures I’ve got) but they do have their mishaps. As you can see from the second picture, there is a scuff mark on Ritsu’s hair. Very noticeable. Aside from that, everything is OK. They even added shading to her hair (as with the other 4 girls)! Not really just your standard cheap prize figure. That’s why I like Banpresto ^^
Oh also, that piece of hair falling off her headband? Very cute. I think it’s a nice touch. Makes Ritsu girlier I guess?

Her body is well sculpted, but her waist parts are a little loose and there’s a small gap from the back. Nothing of concern, though, since you don’t really look at her from behind. There is also some paint problems… I guess the person who was painting Ritsu fell asleep for a second and ruined Ritsu’s dress.
And there’s the black dirty marks on her forearm I mentioned earlier. If you have the same problem, I suppose you can try various methods such as using a Magic Eraser, diluted nail polish remover*** (BE careful, some people say it’s safe while others disagree), or a paint thinner. I want to try mild soap and warm water but… I’m lazy. Or rather, I don’t care enough to do it, hehe.
Other flaws… there are paint marks (brush marks) on her shoes which is really not surprising.

You know what’s cute about this entire set? They’re either holding or using dessert as props xD So adorable. Ritsu has chocolate Pocky sticks as her drum stricks~

Next up, Yui!

They all come bagged in pieces.

Yui, as usual, is the centerpiece of every prize figure. She is always in the center of the lineup and sometimes she gets special accessories. Yui get’s a different hair style, dress, extra accessories, and a different hair accessory.
She is certainly the most colorful, too!

Yui’s eyes look like Yui ^^ A lot of companies can’t get the K-On girls’ eyes right, but Banpresto does it right.
By the way, her tongue is actually sculpted!

Another thing I like about Banpresto is the layer of hair they give to their figures. Looking at their hair underneath, they actually sculpt the hair to make it more realistic and voluminous. You do see many mold lines though. I do like how they braided Yui’s hair. A little messy, wild, and lovely.

Yui’s dress is the most eye-catching and colorful out of all the girls. I like it! Well, OK, I am biased. Yellow and green are part of my favorite colors. While I was taking pictures, I noticed that she had candies in her basket! I originally thought her basket was empty because I never paid too much attention to it… but yup, there are sculpted pink wrapped candies in there. Not to mention, the basket looks weaved!

Azunyan did get a hair change too ^^ She has twin braids! I’m sure a lot of Azunyan fans are excited, haha. I feel indifferent though as I prefer her original twin tails.

Azunyan’s braids are detailed. I’m glad they look like braids and not chained little pieces of beads instead. Her green ribbons are also well sculpted! Do take notice of the shading they added to the back of her head. Very noticeable (with Yui the least shading on her hair).

Her body is just like the rest of the girls in terms of quality. Paint bleeding between her shoe and her white socks (which is normal) and decent sculpt overall.

Be careful with the little star she’s holding because it’s actually a separate piece! To make it more secure, you could glue it, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re planning on getting the set of instruments as well (sold separately but one box comes with all the extra accessories). A guitar goes in Azunyan’s hand instead of the star.

Aaaand this concludes my half-review of this line of K-On prize figure by Banpresto. I plan on getting on full set to achieve this on my shelf:

Soon, the rest of these will be mine :D

Soon, the rest of these will be mine 😀

I highly recommend these prize figures if you don’t own any K-On chibi girls. I own the Christmas set and this one (which will be completed some day). Not only they’re cheap but the quality is pretty decent for their price! I believe they cost around 12$ depending where you buy it from (I get mine from Mandarake). You won’t regret it if you’re a K-On fan!






4 thoughts on “Yui, Ritsu, and Azusa K-ON! Ichiban Kuji ~Fushigi no Kuni de Teatime~ by Banpresto

    • Oh, were you able to snatch them all? Lucky! I managed to put all of them in my Mandarake cart, but was only able to purchase these three >__< Last night Manda just restocked these chibis so I hope I will be able to get the rest. I have a feeling the scaled ones are more popular than the chibi line because they restock all the time on Manda but not the chibi ones. *pout*

      Now, imagine they made something similar to Nendoroids…!

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