Nendoroid #296 Alice Review by Good Smile Company

Another Nendoroid to my collection.

I actually almost lost this. My USPS misplaced my package and couldn’t find it for days. Good thing it’s now safe in my hands!

I know nothing about this character aside the fact that she’s from a game called Momoiro Taisen Pairon. I think it’s an Online Mah-Jong game? I mean, for one of her accessories, she does hold a mah-jong tile… Ah well. Who cares where she comes from. She’s cute, that is all 😛


Yup, looks just like the Nendoroid. I think GSC did a good job representing her. She has her bunny pouch, her magic staff, the color and pattern of her dress, and even down to the whole head. I wish the color of her eyes were more like the ones in the illustration. And her hair is so big & stiff on the Nendoroid. Wouldn’t it be cooler if it had more flow? Then again, it’s such a small figure. There would be so much space limitations that prevent the hair from free-flowing.


Okay, face time!

She comes with three faces (yay!): default smiley, yelling, and winking face. I love them all! The more faces you have on a Nendoroid, the easier it is to create any pose and scene you want with your Nendoroid.
So, what makes this cutie so special? Her eyes! They are gleaming! Look at those detailed white streaks of reflection here and there. So darn beautiful. Additionally, her cheeks and eyelashes (from winking face) are also shiny as well xD Makes her look so bright and energetic. Also, pay attention to the layers of paint on her eyelashes. They’re surprisingly layered and it makes her eyes look more defined. She also looks like as if she has been freshly drawn out with ink or something. Very pretty.
I could not find any faults with her face. They’re all perfect.

Her hair is pretty nice but I feel like GSC could have done a better job with it. Not sure if it’s just me, but the sculpt of her curls feel a little rough and undefined, almost like a high-end prize figure. Then again, this is only a Nendoroid. I guess I expected too much from Alice since I’ve seen Nendoroids with great hair jobs. Oh well, at least the seam lines are well hidden/acceptable. I mean, it’s hard to hide the seam of the crown with light hair.

Now I’m trying to figure out why the company decided to make two of her hair strands movable. I twisted them around in the other direction and it looks kind odd having point in the other way… I don’t think I’ll be moving mine around a lot o_o

Her outfit ❤
If you haven’t figured out by now, her character design is just like your average Alice, but with more magic. She was given a bunny staff to ward off enemies and a bunny pouch to store candies (or mah-jong tiles o_o).

Her outfit is amazingly perfect. Scupt and paint really great (yes the socks are always sabotaged but they did a decent job here on Alice). Above average Nendoroid quality! 😀
… with the exception that the black paint on the ribbon on her chest somehow got chipped off while I was playing around with her. This is the second time that happened to me. I sent GSC an email about this and I hope I can somehow get a replacement. If I can’t, no big deal. I’ll probably use a sharpie or something T^T

[In case you’re curious, Nakano Azusa’s nekomimi were also damaged over time. I don’t touch her a lot, she’s mostly in my glass cabinet. Then one day I saw that her hairband was chipped and out of curiosity I gently touched it. More paint came off. GSC needs to spray more top coat on their figures??? Sigh.]

Alice has one of those long hair bases. Luckily, her base is steady and easy to use! … with an exception. For some reason, the hole in her back is very small. Many (or all) of people who ordered Alice complained about this issue as well.
I suspect there’s something wrong with the PVC since it seemed to have shrank/hardened in such a short amount of time (I mean, she was just recently released!) but there’s no need to worry.
All you need is a blowdryer. Turn it on low & warm (not hot!) and aim it towards the hole. I held it for about 15 seconds. And voila! The plastic on her back should now be softer, allowing the back plug to enter easily ^^b Painless procedure.

She also comes with an M-shaped base for the chair. All you gotta do is slide it in behind/between the legs. It looks funny if you ask me, but it gets the job done. And yes, there’s a huge gap in her butt! According to the instructions GSC gave us, you are able to slide off her butt? Um, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do. I couldn’t get mine off so I just plugged her on the chair and everything went well. *shrugs shoulder*

So, should you get this figure?
Well, I honestly do not think she is a “must-get” unless you like cute girls, magical girls, or Alice. But if you like any of the categories I’ve mentioned, go splurge yourself. I must say, she is one of my favorites. I do have a thing for Alice-type girls ^^;; And that frilly ribbon headband. Bunny pouch and staff? Sitting pose on a vintage wooden chair? I BUY!





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