Anegasaki Nene review by Banpresto


Another spontaneous purchase.  Trust me, I tried really hard not to buy this, haha. But seeing that she’s a prize figure (Ichiban Kuji, Ichiban Kuji Premium New Love Plus) and she doesn’t really cost an arm and a leg, I decide to buy her off Mandarake. However, I paid DHL shipping so that didn’t help with the price (I needed it ASAP because I’m leaving town soon and didn’t want any sort of complications while I’m away).


Nene comes from a dating sim game called Love Plus (for this figure, it’s New Love Plus) for the Nintendo DS. She looks like a sweet girl, doesn’t she?. From what I read, she’s supposed to be this sweet and motherly (or big sister) kind of character. I can tell from the character design. The shoulder length hair, the lip gloss, and that serene look on her face. Compared to her two other friends, she’s a lot less livelier xD

There is actually another figure of Nene with a more accurate (and better quality) representation of her but that figure is not as charming as this one. I think it may be because I’m really attracted to her shy pose and her fingers clutched onto her sleeves.
One thing I’m slightly disappointed about? Not that it really matters, since I don’t know the character, but her eye color is not correct here. I have no idea why Banpresto gave her pink eyes when original illustrations clearly use purple eyes for her. Oh well.





Her box is not worth noting. Surprisingly there was a sheet for instructions. I was like, “wait — why? This is a prize figure, there shouldn’t be any thing too complicated”. And that’s until I noticed the base for myself. It’s really weird, but I’ll explain that a little later when I’ll be going over the base.
Nene also comes all wrapped up inside, too. Yes, you can remove her torso and her skirt, but there’s nothing to see underneath. I forgot to take a picture, but she’s all black. They even sculpted her underwear but left it black as well while they were painting her stockings, xD


She looks great! Surprisingly, as a prize figure, I think her pose is not awkward or stiff. For a 30$ USD figure this is a good deal (that also comes with flaws as well in terms of sculpt).




Her eyes look a little simple, but that may be just the art. It also makes her look a little cheap, a sign that she’s a prize figure. Nonetheless, the gaze she gives off while looking at you (or somewhere else) makes her look charming. Is she trying to get your attention? Is she thinking about something good?

Like her original character, she has a blush with a little white dot in the middle (I love these type of blushes!).

Sadly, there’s a downer. When I was done taking pictures and decided to process them, I’ve noticed that all her outdoor shots show a prominent seam line on her jawline, which you can see on the third picture. A very deep scar. It’s very hard for me to not notice this, but I think I’ll probably forget about it in a while. My room and shelf doesn’t have strong lighting.

Oh, and something a little odd. I find her lips to be slightly unattractive. They kind of look like they’re ready to peck someone or something… The upper and lower lips are too thin and she’s trying to pout, it seems.



Not sure if you have noticed by now, but her hair has a lot of flaws. Going back to her facial pictures, you see a lot of mold residue and mold lines here and there. Additionally, these lines are rough. Also, her bangs are kind of ugly (but they look good from far or certain angles). It looks like a wet brown mop on her forehead, sort of. Maybe I’m being too critical, but I am harsh when it comes to judging hair. They must be crisp and clean. Of course, this is a prize figure, so bad hair is to be expected.






Nene and her friends are most recognized by their summer uniforms and that’s one of the reasons why this figure looks even more appealing. We rarely have any figures that have fall or winter clothing, so I think this would be a nice figure to display during cold temperatures ^^ And even posing her in the snow! Or with fallen leaves?

Her cozy winter uniform is very nicely sculpted. I’m not familiar with Banpresto scaled figures (this is my first one), but the folds in her clothing, especially around her arms, is really really detailed and realistic looking. That was one of the reasons why I fell in love with this figure as well.
Attention also has been paid to sculpting the little buttons on her sweater, the ribbed detail on her sleeve and bottom of her sweater, her school bag, her skirt and her legs. Even the white paint that goes across her blue collar and skirt is decently painted and not all crooked.
There’s one minor thing I do not like about her legs though. Behind her knees, the creases are very sharp and fake. Other than that and the not-so-sharp mold in her bag handle and ribbon, I think she’s pretty decent.

Oh, a little touch that adds a lot of personality to the figure. On her bag (and her friend’s bag as well), she has this key chain thing as herself dressed up in some animal costume. That’s adorable! I wonder how that came about.

Major con? Mold lines, mold lines, and mold lines. At least the seam line gaps are not terrible. Again, this is a prize figure so mold lines are to be expected. Oh, and do expect them to be everywhere. Her sleeves, bag, side of her sweater, her hair, and even her jaw.


What’s this? The back of her thigh is actually cracked.
I’m pretty sure it’s due to the weather or maybe the cheap paint, but it’s really not that big of a deal for me personally. At least the crack is colorless. Actually, there’s more than one crack. There are a lot of veins running around a little more above that big one, underneath her skirt.


Her base represents the logo of the game she is from (+ signs) and her main theme is pink (apparently), so it would be appropriate to have some pink on her base. I’m glad the entire dish is not pink though!


Alright, underneath the base. There are four pegs and interestingly, these pegs are removable. Just push them out. Why? Well… I don’t know why exactly. If I knew Japanese, I might be able to decipher the code in the instruction sheet and understand why we need removable pegs.
I only needed to remove one (like the one in the sheet) to place Nene on her foot pegs. When I tried to push the last one back in, it wouldn’t budge at all. Then I found out that the white piece of plastic on Nene’s feet (cannot be removed) has some extra plastic or something… which prevents the last peg from going thru. I left my Nene with 3 pegs only at the end. I don’t think she’ll fall, but she’s poorly fitted to begin with.
So be very careful when handling her.

Overall, my purchase was well made ^^

I knew she was a prize figure to begin with, so I didn’t really have high expectations even though there were almost no pictures of this figure on the internet and I was a little scared. Luckily, I wasn’t too disappointed.
I would only recommend the figure to those who like the game or has a thing for girls in school winter uniforms and stockings. Otherwise, you aren’t missing much!
I was mainly attracted to her clothing, pose, facial expression, and her hair (I like shoulder length with straight bangs ^^).

Like the character but not this figure? She has two swimsuit figures: (1) and (2). She also has a figure of her regular school uniform (which I plan to buy some day, hehe) and she comes with 5 different hairstyles! I’m impressed.


Sculpt finish : 8/10
Sculpt mold: 5/10
Paint: 8/10
Representation of character: 9/10

Explanation of my rating system:

“Sculpt finish” specifically refers to the finish of the figure. Whether it’s perfect, smooth, rough or sandy.

“Sculpt mold” determines whether everything is sculpted to how it’s supposed to look. At its best, hair should have clean lines and pointy edges. Fingers do not look melted and feet do not look horrendous. Arms and legs should have definition and not look like straight piece of wood (unless it’s the style of the art). Also, seam or mold lines should not be apparent as well.

“Paint” is pretty self explanatory. Paint should go wherever they were supposed to be painted on and should not have any spillovers.

“Representation of character” looks at whether the company and/or artist has accurately represented your character. Do the eyes seem off? Is that hair color right? Did they forget something on the outfit?







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