1/8 Hatsune Miku World is Mine ~Brown Frame ver.~ by Good Smile Company


I remember back then when I first starting figure collecting, I went all crazy when I saw this figure. “Wow, this looks great and what a different way to illustrate Miku!” I have fallen in love with the art (the original illustration is very nice). The illustration was used for one of Hatsune Miku’s popular songs, World is Mine. The artist, Redjuice, is pretty popular him/herself. I enjoy every figure that has been sculpted based on his art.

I was lucky enough to purchase her (at her original price) when her re-release came out! Otherwise I would have never had the opportunity to buy her as her after-market prices were really high.


See what I mean? A different version of Miku that looks so attractive ;o Not your usual cute Miku.
Looks just like (or very similar) the original illustration, I’d say 🙂


However, there are some differences if you compare them side by side.

First, her skin tone is a lot more yellow than her illustration. I kind of wish they added more pink/warm hues to her skin tone :<
Her body has been enlarged a little (using the head as reference), especially her hands. They are a little big now that I can see the original illustration side-by-side with the figure. It’s not a big problem though. Also, there has been a loss of detail when sculpting her dress. A lot of ruffles at the bottom has been lost! I think it would have be awesome if the sculptor could have spent a little more time in that area. Also, the hair is perfect.
Overall, not a deal breaker. The figure itself is pretty impressive!



I think the box could have used some more work. I like the way how it opens (like a cake box) but… I feel like the box is just a little too plain for such a special Miku figure? I’m not really sure myself. What I don’t like, though, are the pictures on the side. Makes it look a little less classy.



Grandiose, don’t you think?




This World is Mine Hatsune Miku certainly has a less friendly and cheerful face here! She was meant to look a little more malicious, wicked, and a little dash of sexiness. I think GSC did a great job on her face. Her eyes are vivid. Interestingly, her eyebrows are hairy xD That is not something I see every day. One little thing I dislike: her lips. Not sure if it’s just me, but it looks a little too thin, or rather, too fake. Especially when you look at her side view, that slightly open mouth just doesn’t look right.



Her hair doesn’t have any sort of visible seam of mold lines, which is great and expected of Good Smile Company 😉 Her hair is nice and smooth. One thing I wish they did though was to add a little more shadowing. I mean the sculpt is great and when there’s proper lighting you can see all the shadows from the lighting, but when bright light hits, everything looks just a little flat or washed out. Not a big issue, though.


I did wish a little more detail could have been added to her feathery hair accessory. Looks rather flat. Not a big issue for me personally, though.




Look at that hair. Seriously. Please, just take a moment to appreciate how well sculpted her hair is. They almost look like (blue) noodles, effortlessly laid in S shapes and all curled up at the end for that extra elegant look.
Also, you may have noticed by now that the bottom of her side burns (or the long meshes of hair near her face) and the bottom of her twin tails are faded green. Now, I have the re-released version. People have been saying that in the first release, the green was less noticeable and more subtle. Personally, the tips of her twin tails are okay and looks just like the original release, however, the tips of her front hair are a lot more greener in the second released. In old pictures featuring the first released figure, the green tips are a lot less accented. I wish Good Smile Company hadn’t changed anything in the second release, but sadly, something is bound to change due to mechanics and odd quirks during production.


Also, her hair is semi-transparent. More on the opaque side, though. I love hair like this since they look especially amazing near light.
That round dot there? That’s the small magnet that keeps Miku in place on her base while she is being display upright. Pretty neat, huh?


Uh oh. Paint flaw. I’m so unlucky. It doesn’t bother me that much but I’m considering contacting the company and see if they could send me a replacement. You may think I’m abusing their generosity, but if this something they can offer me, why not take the opportunity? That chip is a little distracting and what if I want to sell her later? My future-buyer may not want her. But I don’t think I’ll be selling her any time soon xD


One thing I do certainly not like on her dress: that fake black ribbon.
I understand that the ribbon is very small and thin and it would probably ease their lives if they just paint it over, but c’mon, it looks so cheap. Almost prize figure-like.
Disregarding that, I love Miku’s entire outfit. She looks so special! How often do you actually see Miku not in her usual outfits? Most of the time, she only wears her VOCALOID outfit or the Good Smile Racing yearly outfits, figure-wise. Her hair tie, white dress, shiny thigh highs creates a nice combination.

I also have to admit that her hands do look slightly awkward. A little melted? I wish they were more perfect, afterall, the position of her hands enhances Miku’s facial expression.


Look at that detail on her thigh high socks :O I wasn’t expecting that at all. The detail could be better (Max Factory can do the job right!) but then again, it’s a dated figure from 2009. Based on that year, I’d say this figure is pretty impressive!


Even though she is only wearing a white dress, the paint team managed to give her some shadowing which is pretty nice. Some light purple shades here and there.


Looks very real, doesn’t it? Nice thighs, Miku. I see you work out occasionally to stay fit… Good job on the sculptor’s part.


Now, pick Miku up and surprise surprise, she is not completely flat! Her hair is flat and that’s alright, but I was mostly quite content when I found out that the back of her head has not been shaved off ^^


And the sculptor even managed to create details such as the collar and cuff of her dress. Again, you can spot some purple shading here around her armpit area and her collar.

Now, I suspect that this Miku is susceptible to paint transfer.
You see her left arm? That pink smudge? I don’t remember whether if it was already there when it came in the box (less likely), but I remember putting her on the base and nudged her around slightly (and lightly) while trying to fit her around the creases of the base.
I think the paint transferred while I was doing that. It does rub off, but do be careful!


Now, the disappointment I have is the slight roughness of her sculpt. If you look at this picture above carefully, you can see little raised bumps everywhere, like sand. Again, this is a dated figure and I’ve seen better from GSC. 


Her base is pretty impressive! I must say, this is one heck of a base for figures. I mean, most of the time they have a plastic plain colored base, but this, oh this is just majestic. A display of power too, if you will. Increases Miku’s charm!
And additionally, she can be removed from the base and thanks to the power of magnets, she can be appreciate at any angle. That’s awesome.

You can pull out that thing behind the frame and that’s how far it can extend. You don’t have to extend her that far and she still stands very firmly.

There’s also a hole behind the frame where you can hang her. If there are usually no earthquakes at your location, I think it would be a great idea to hang your figure on the wall! Very creative on the company’s part, really! Do make sure you have a wall that can withstand a good strong nail. Oh, and I suppose you can add some tape underneath (that doesn’t cause damage to the plastic frame) for extra protection.
But to save your energy, I think it would be just fine if you display her on your desk, nightstand, of your shelf ^^


If you remove Miku, you’ll see the areas that have been sunken to fit Miku’s body (butt, elbow, feet). Doesn’t this look like a real sheet of fabric? Look at those folds!


I am disappointed, however, at the paint job done on her (bed?) sheets. Click on the picture to enlarge if needed.
The paint separation between black-pink on the top half is nice and crisp. Now look at the bottom half. It’s blurry! Now look a little more to the right under her leg; it’s smudged! I’m not sure whether the first release of this figure sports the same flaw or not, but this is quite saddening. You know, I wanted this to be one of my most epic figures (alongside with Motored Cuirassier Saber), xD
Additionally, there are paint specks here and there.
It’s alright though. From far, you don’t really see it.

Now, another problem. Just like her dress, her base is a bit rough/sandy. That’s too bad.


Another issue I have is how her left elevated foot doesn’t touch the base at all. On the original illustration, it seems as if her foot is touching her bed sheets. I’m looking at the prototype image and her foot seems to be firmly placed on the base so I’m worried if I had gotten a bad batch of figures… or something. I kind of bothers me. This is something that’s a little more obvious than that paint flaw on her hair for me >< I mean, the sheets even have creases for the foot to land but it remains suspended; as if her foot possesses a supernatural gravitational power. Oh well… maybe I can solve this by nudging her around a little more forcefully? Last time I tried, it didn’t work.


Same thing here, but it’s a hair issue instead. Technically her hair should be touching the creased area of the base, but this is really something minor. I don’t think anybody will be looking from that angle xD


Her headphones are pretty nice. Accurate and well sculpted/painted. Nothing much to say, really.


Another picture where you can enlarge it a little to see more details of the paint on petals. It’s almost perfect. Must’ve been a lot of work for the employees who were painting the petals.

And this concludes my review of this beautiful figure. For the original price you were paying for (around 75$), this is a figure that is worth the money. Although she has some minor flaws, I think her beauty and the complexity of the sculpt (mainly the hair and the base) is something to applaud for! I personally think that every Miku fan should have this figure in their collection, especially if you like the song and the art used for the PV, unless you don’t like alternate versions of Mikus in different outfits ^^;;


Sculpt finish : 8.5/10
Sculpt mold: 9/10
Paint: 8/10
Representation of character: 10/10

Explanation of my rating system:

“Sculpt finish” specifically refers to the finish of the figure. Whether it’s perfect, smooth, rough or sandy.

“Sculpt mold” determines whether everything is sculpted to how it’s supposed to look. At its best, hair should have clean lines and pointy edges. Fingers do not look melted and feet do not look horrendous. Arms and legs should have definition and not look like straight piece of wood (unless it’s the style of the art). Also, seam or mold lines should not be apparent as well.

“Paint” is pretty self explanatory. Paint should go wherever they were supposed to be painted on and should not have any spillovers.

“Representation of character” looks at whether the company and/or artist has accurately represented your character. Do the eyes seem off? Is that hair color right? Did they forget something on the outfit?









3 thoughts on “1/8 Hatsune Miku World is Mine ~Brown Frame ver.~ by Good Smile Company

  1. Awesome photos! My brother’s figure of this (first release) has the exact same problem with her right foot. I’ve seen a few other users’ photos on this figure with the same problem too, sadly. It’s indeed quite bothersome.

    • Thanks!
      Aww, that’s really unfortunate. I was hoping that the first release didn’t have this problem. I wonder if it’ll be safe enough for me to heat up her leg and bend it a little? *shivers*

      What I find interesting is how some companies have trouble with figures that lay down on surfaces. Their foot either doesn’t touch the base or their clothes hang in mid-air, not touching the ground (well, that’s mostly a Kotobukiya issue).

  2. Great, thorough review. Love the pictures you have of her on the patterened, white background. Her colours really pop there.

    World is Mine Miku is one of my favourite Miku incarnations out there (it comes in just slightly behind Love is War Miku). You can’t beat redjuice when it comes to style. His girls are always sensual and elegant. I love her mature look, and her unique base and presentation definitely sets her apart from other figures. She looks like a piece of art. I could see myself setting her up above my piano.

    The sculpt of her hair is so liquid! I’m not too happy with the greener tint GSC gave her hair either. It makes the tips of her hair look like jelly, but I guess it’s useful to have a way of distinguishing between first and second run releases.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t pick her up on either of her releases, and have lost a bit of interest in her as time went on (too many amazing figures, so little time), but I can’t deny she’s gorgeous to boot. She’s a steal for only $75.

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