Leekeworld haul and review: Wig, hair pieces, wig brush, and hair clip.


So, I suddenly decided to buy a Pullip doll.

I’ve always wanted a ball jointed doll after seeing all those wonderfully taken pictures of those plastic girls with shiny eyes. I looked them up and, wow, their price tag is sure expensive! I could, couldget one if I really wanted to, but it wouldn’t be wise. I’m a beginner and all, so I want to start with something more budget friendly.
And then? I found Pullip dolls! They’re not ball jointed but good enough for me.

Anyway — that was just an introductory post since I’ve never written anything doll related before.

So I spent quite an amount buying wigs and clothes at various places. I can tell you it’s frustrating to not being able to find a US-based store and having to rely on Korean and Chinese sources. Not to mention, Thailand and Malaysia seem to have a big market for Pullips too.

After many hours of research and diving around old forum topics for Pullips everywhere, I’ve managed to settle down at Leekeworld.


DSC07364What did I get?

LR-020, size E (8-9 inch), color PeachPink
LR-136, size E (8-9 inch), color EveCream
LR-S-Pieces, color Evecream
Wig Brush type B
HA-004 black bow clip

*PS: If your order is below 350$ USD, your shipping is 22$ (EMS Shipping). If your order is above 350$, then shipping is free. Great for group orders if you ask me!

Oh. Let me show you their regular all-season color chart for wigs (yes they have limited and unique colors sometimes):


I can’t tell you whether or not these colors are accurate, but so far EveCream and PeachPink look just like the chart (more or less depending on your monitor). I do find that PeachPink in real life looks more vibrant, though. So if you wanted to go for a more muted light pink, I recommend PinkCocktail, judging by the pictures I’ve seen from other people so far.

Alright, let’s start looking at LR-020, a medium hair length wig on a regular doll but sort of long on Pullips.


Promotional pictures




You’re going to have to excuse the bottle and the picture above taken in a weird lighting [and bakckground], xD

It is pretty frustrating to get the wigs on and off because the size of the wig is juuuuust right. I believe that if you purchase a 9-10 inch wig size, you may be able to have a better time switching wigs. You may need an extra wig cap or velcro to secure your wig, though, just in case it’s a little too big (I don’t have a 9-10 inch wig yet).

Isn’t the color pretty? I really like how there’s a mixture of colors, or rather, multiple shades of pink in this wig. It makes the color look a lot more exciting and dimensional in my opinion.
This wig has also multiple layers and it especially thins out around the shoulder area. It’s a really nice style! Since they thin out the lower end of the hair, if you prefer something with more volume, I would not recommend this wig. You should go with something with a straight cut and not a layered cut.


I was actually surprised to see a wig cap! It really helps keep your wig in place. I was prepared to use some masking tape to hold the wig in place, haha. I’m really glad I don’t have to. I do want to point out that the buttons and stuff behind a Pullip’s head overlaps with the cap. Whether you want to pull the cap over or above the buttons is your choice.
Again, the cap is really tight. It takes a considerable amount of effort (and frustration) to put on the wig because the fit is perfect-perfect. You’ve gotta pull and tug. Having an extra arm would really help in cases like these .


Do you see it?
Yeah. Right in the middle there, you can see the wig cap where the hair gets sewed in and stuff. Really unattractive and I’m slightly disappointed by this. These wigs aren’t expensive but they aren’t that cheap either. Really wished they would add a small layer of hair to fix that. Maybe it’s quality control error, I don’t know. I hope so.

Next up, LR-136 & black bow clip.


Man, they have some nice photographers…


The bow was pretty cute and I was lacking some hair accessories so I decided to buy one.
My fabric terms are pretty bad… but the black is kind of like a semi-transparent fabrid and there’s this thick white lace on top of it, tied with a dark-silver fabric. Underneath the bow, there’s a big metal clip in which the protruding end of it is covered with fabric in order to hide the metal. Pretty neat! I appreciate that.


So, I have a tendency to like bob cut hairs ^^ I really wanted the style to be a tiny bit longer, but this is all they had so I went with it. I do want to warn you that the back is kind of short; you can almost see the top of her neck. Or is that me not putting on the wig properly? Oh well. You can adjust it all you want.
By the way, the pictures they take are absolutely stunning; the doll in the picture looks like a cute little fairy with that kind of hair style!

Interestingly, the wig does not look like the promo pictures. I looked again closely and found out that they actually cut up the bangs a little to make it more choppier. I guess I could do that if I really wanted to copy them, but I’m fine with what I got. Besides, I’ll probably mess it up and ruin it ;__;

Evecream is a really pretty blond color. Again, you can see different shades of blond that makes up the wig.

I also decided to get some hair extensions in case I don’t want a short hair style anymore (I like being versatile). Behold, LR-S-Pieces in EveCream.




What’s great about these clips is, like i mentioned earlier, the ability to style and change an existing hairstyle to your liking. Leekeworld also has 2-3 more variations of hair extensions for sale which is great.
The clip is not the best, but it stays on the wig and does its job well. Cute factor x1000!
If you find that it does not look natural, you can always add little bows or hair accessories to hide the clip.

Lastly, I now have a wig brush!


Why did I get one? Well. I found out that most stores carry brushes with plastic bristles and I heard it would create a lot of static (and potentially ruin?) and it can make a mess on the hair. Seeing that it doesn’t cost me a liver to buy this brush (4.50$ specifically), I decided to get one. It works really well! Tames the fly-aways.

Now, I’ve also been told that you can purchase a brush for pets if you’re having a hard time looking for a wig brush. I believe the bristles for pet brushes are metal instead of plastic, but I’m not sure. Also, wooden brushes.

And this concludes my Leekeworld haul!
Shipping is from Korean and it took about 4 business days to travel here, excluding the time it took for them to process (maybe 1-3 business days?).

The weird thing about this shop is that you have to send a payment to Paypal yourself. You know, usually companies do it for you by directing your payment page to Paypal… but nope. Leekeworld doesn’t want to do that extra step for some reason and wants us all to just do it ourselves, just makes me a little uncomfortable because I would have no idea if they have received/recognized my payment or not until I get their confirmation email days later.

Would I buy again from Leekeworld? Yes! They have many hairstyles (and unique/limited ones from time to time) and an average selection of colors (they also have events for colors). They also sell various accessories and their own dolls (I think?).


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