KiraKiraMeanSparkle Pullip Eye Chips


I was really excited to see that my new irises arrived in the mail. Little did I know, I injured my hand while trying to poke my doll’s eyes out. Yup. I won’t go in too many details since this is not a personal blog, but do be careful when you are changing your eye chips 😦
it would really suck if you had to go to the clinic like me and I have no health insurance… awesome.

Anyway, here I want to introduce to you Pullip eye chips made by Shannon and her Etsy shop is called KiraKiraMeanSparkle. For 6.50$ USD, you can order 12 mm eye chips, printed with realistic irises and glass cabochons. There are also many many colors, so this shop was pretty awesome and attracted my attention because my doll customization budget became tight.


From left to right: Spring, Grass, Aqua, Mardi Gras, Black & Blue, and Kelp.

How’s the quality?
The eyes really look realistic and sharp! I must say, it’s really not bad for 6.50$ each. You can get multitudes of colors while sacrificing the cost for quality.
By quality, I don’t mean that the irises don’t look good. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The images are very sharp and it really looks like as if you’re looking at a real glass doll eye ball. I’m looking at all of my eye chips right now that none of them are off-center.
What I really mean is, the quality of the assembly. This is not usually seen after putting the iris in the eye socket, but when handling the eye chip, you can’t help but notice some things. For example, the paper was not cut perfectly/neatly into circles and there are a little glue residue on some of the edges. I do have to warn you though, I am really nit-picky. Pointing out some flaws just for the sake of knowing; flaws that do not reflect in the eye chip itself when you look at your doll.


I never really liked the original Pullip irises. They look kind of scary and fake if you ask me. Not very cute & charming… but after her eye surgery, bam! Her eyes just brightened up and she looks extra cute now.


Black & Blue (dark blue)


Aqua (light blue with a little green)


Spring (green, yellow, orange mix)


Grass: Green mixture

The eye chips are actually a bit smaller than Pullip’s irises, so when you look at her eyes, you can see ugly gaps. I’m sure you can see it if you look more carefully. Kind of a bummer :<

I heard you can use regular white glue to fill it but I didn’t. Just left it as is in case the glue will ruin paper…


Colors reflect well under glass under various light settings.

I wanted to try on all the other colors but I did not want to exhaust my hand. I was impressed I was able to put her head back together. Hurray for pain killers.

I highly recommend these eye chips if you are on a budget and want to have a wide variety of colors to choose from. Seriously, I think Shannon has around 30 different colors and she is willing to create a custom order for you from the color chart if the color you want is currently not in store.
Next time, I’m probably going to get a red and a yellow/hazel color ^^


9 thoughts on “KiraKiraMeanSparkle Pullip Eye Chips

  1. Hi, it’s me, Shann from KiraKiraMeansSparkle. I noticed that you mention the KiraKira chips lacking quality. How would you suggest I increase the quality? I use the utmost care in putting together the chips, and feedback is important to me, so please let me know.

    • Hi Shann!

      I should have been specifc (and will edit my original post, my bad). What I referred to as “lower quality” is mainly the “hand job” of assembly. Such as glue residue near the edges and the cut of the paper (edges are not smooth). I do realize I am nitpicking — as I always do when I review things — but your images of the irises are just fine! And that is why I keep coming back to your shop ^^;;

      I’m not suggesting that you should or need to change at all. I’m just pointing things out. As a customer, personally, it doesn’t bother me all that much. As long as you can keep the costs low, the final product looks good and doesn’t break easily, I think everything is OK.

      • Thanks for your reply, vanichu. I guess the thing is, I’m just one person and I really began making these eyes for me. I even posted a tutorial (no charge) about how to go about making them (through flickr & Dolly Market forum, not minding one bit if people made their own chips from my method, to me sharing the info was more important than me keeping the secret to myself). I don’t have any machines to cut out the irises into perfect circles. It’s the handmade nature of the product, so naturally it’s not going to have a professional factory finish. As for the gap between the eye iris & the eye mech, I did point all of that out in my etsy store policies. The reason for the gap is because the pullips eye mech holes are slightly bigger than 12mm. The next size up on cabochons would be 14mm which would be too large.

        Addressing the matter of the imperfect cut of the irises…I tried cutting the irises out first with a circle cutter. However, the glaze I use seeps out around the edges when I placed the cabochon on them and would essentially stick to the surrounding areas of my workspace, causing the cabochons to be glued down. If I tried pulling up the glued down cabochon, it would result in a messed up chip. I found it best to trim the paper down after the cabochon was adhered.

        I can respect your honesty, though in my policies, I did state that these chips are not going to be perfect and the chips are probably not going to make picky shoppers very happy and it might be best to not shop at my store.

        But I do appreciate your business, and I thank you for your second order. I’ll try to improve where I can in the future.


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  4. Kirakira is going to stop selling her eye hips on November 20th, 2015! I really love her eyechips, they are so realistic. I am doing another custom, so I’m thinking of a hazel or violet color if she has them.

    • Hi Emmi! Yes, it is sad news. Shannon was the only seller I could find altogether online (Ebay, Etsy) who sold affordable and realistic eye chips for Pullips. I do know that she has a guide written in a doll forum on how to make your own eye chips if you are interested. I’m lazy — which is why I buy them all from Shannon, haha. Mid-November is rolling in real soon. I might plunge and purchase a few more eye chips before she closes her shop down. *sighs* I know Shannon sells quite a few brown eyes, but I don’t recall seeing many violet eyes. Perhaps she can do a special violet request ^^;

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