Classical Alice Pullip


Classical Alice is my first doll ever and I’m really glad she was my first. She’s pretty much what I really like in a doll: charming and a little creepy, haha. Creepy as in… she has those really wide eyes that kind of draw you in the longer you stare. I had to do a lot of research before buying my first Pullip and decided to buy from Pullip Style. It’s a US-based shop with affordable prices in comparison with retail priced Pullips at Amiami or HobbySearch. Processing and shipping was pretty fast too!


See how beautiful she looks? :3
I have to say though, she looks prettier in the prototype images. The usual noticeable differences are always the wig. Her bangs are stylized (more side swept) and her hair is a good inch longer than the actual product. Also, her curls are a lot more loose.
It wasn’t really a downer for me. In the end, I bought new wigs to replace her stock wig.


Her box is pretty colorful and an alternative to the Alice colors.
One thing that kind of shocked me was the cheapness of the cardboard inside the box that held Alice and her stuff. Almost felt second-hand. I guess it helps reduce the overall cost of production.


Classical Alice is kind of a reboot of the “classic” Alice but with a goth-loli touch to it. She has this really big droopy bow on her head with lots of lace and ruffles here and there. She also has her trademark stripe socks. Of course, her main color is (and should be) blue.

(*Note: I hate Pullip stands. A lot. They’re terrible!)


Alice is pretty pale with striking eyes, pale blushes and lip color.

See what I mean with those eyes? Really big! Non-doll enthusiasts would say she looks very unnatural and scary with those irises and eyelashes.
Another thing you must look at is her eye makeup. When you buy Pullips, every doll has a different face-up (usually). The eye makeup on Alice is really beautiful. Smoky eyes with a lot of mascara, haha. The white highlights in the corner of her eyes and the blue eyeliner and eyeshadow (kind of subtle, hidden behind her bangs).

Her lips struck me too. It has this pattern that makes it look like she has crispy textured lips? Not sure how I would translate my feelings, but that’s all I could think of. I think it’s lovely! Also, her lips are two-toned. Look closer and you’ll notice that the darker pink on her lips forms a heart!
Okay, look closer again. You this this dark filling between her lips? I’m new to Pullip dolls, but it seems like as if not many dolls have that kind of lips. It really refines Alice’s lips and makes her pout deeper/more prominent. It also kind of flattens her smile.


Her side profile looks really nice too. Her face structure is perfect apart…. apart from the gap in her eyes. As you can see, there’s this space between the eye and her face. I guess it’s inevitable because the eyelids and eyes can be moved.



With her eyes closed, she has plain eyelids and a black eyeliner.
Oh, and you close her eyes by pushing a button behind each eye. To release her eyelids, all you have to do is push the button upwards and you’ll hear the springs release her eyelids.

You can also move her eyes left by toggling the slider between the two eye buttons.


Alice’s hair is really beautiful. It’s long, super curly at mid-length (starting from her shoulders) and it’s not yellow blonde like your average Alice. It’s more of ash blonde. I totally dig that style.
This is so hard to manage! The more you touch her, the more tangles you get from her fly aways. It’s also very hard to brush her hair because you’ll risk ruining her curls. Since I re-wigged Alice, I’m considering experimenting with her stock wig and see if I can fix her curls. Not to mention, when she came in the box, her hair was a little messy already even if she had hairnets for protection.

Also, her hair is dull. I don’t have a lot of experience with wigs in general, but I thought Alice’s hair didn’t look… alive. Instead, it made her look even more “dead”, if that makes sense.

Mentioned earlier, I was disappointed that her bangs did not look like the prototype image (all nice and wide swept) and her hair was a lot longer. Deceiving. I’ll have to lower my expectations for the hair next time I purchase a Pullip!




Intricate clothing. I don’t think I can achieve this kind of level of sewing haha. So, Alice has this blue ruffled dress with an apron on top (removable). She also has stripped black and white socks with simple black shoes.

If you’re skilled enough in the field of sewing, have fun making new clothes for your dolls! I, on the other hand, went to Ebay and Etsy to find clothes and accessories.

I spoiled myself and bought clothes from the Pullip company that cost about 50$. It’s the Innocent World Coat and Umbrella. So adorable! And warm! Again, the quality is pretty good.

I have no idea how to prop the umbrella… it doesn’t seem to stay open on its own…




And so my Pullip doll customization journey began! I bought extra wigs and eye chips. I’m having so much fun, hehe. I still need to find a wig that looks like Alice’s stock wig with those long bouncy tight curls.

If you’re interested in a Pullip doll, make a wise choice. Everything on a doll is a deciding factor! Just don’t harbor too much hopes for the hair. It’s not that great.







15 thoughts on “Classical Alice Pullip

  1. Thanks a lot for this wonderful review! I can now see all the negative sides clear, so I have to think before spending so much money on a not really perfect dolly:) But I’m totally in love with her makeup and outfit, so I guess I’ll buy her one day… Have fun with your new doll! She’s amazing:3

    • You’re very welcome! Pullips are not very popular (compared to Blythe dolls, for example), so I try my best to review the dolls since there are hardly any reviews out there except for 1 or 2 sites.

      Aside from the wig, I’d like to think that she is pretty perfect. Her eye makeup is really something. I have a hard time trying to find another Pullip with similar eyes and there just isn’t any!

      Don’t think you will regret your purchase if you decide to indulge one day ^^~

      • So, I, being the kind of person that lives under a rock, had to look up what Blythe dolls were. Compared to this doll, it looks scary! I honestly don’t understand how they could possibly be more popular than these “Pullips”. They’re so horrifying. But thanks for introducing me to these dolls and the ones I will never speak of again. New experiences.

      • I’m glad you found my post to be informative 🙂 Which doll did you decide on?

        Hey we might be neighbors, I live under a rock too.
        I pretty much had the same reaction when I looked up what on earth were Blythe dolls. At first I could not appreciate them but I saw quite a few custom ones that were adorable. My preference is still Pullip.

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