Dahlia Cinderella Pullip Review


Maybe it’s because I’m greedy, but I felt compelled to buy a second Pullip because I thought mine was lonely, hehe. So please welcome Dahlia Cinderella!


Promo picture



Alice’s hair is really long and mega curly on one side. Not sure how I would describe it, but it’s kind of charming!

And like most Pullips, the bangs usually doesn’t look exactly like the promotional pictures. Cinderella’s bangs are flat. Dammit, Groove. I don’t know how to style bangs at all! I really wish she came with side swept bangs.




Cinderella has beautiful makeup. You know how most Pullips generally have a thick eyeliner with a cat eye or sparse ink eyelashes? Well, Cinderella is a little different. She has somewhat of a (bottom half) raccoon eye with brown eye shadow all over. She also has several eyelid lines and a cute droopy eye shape (thanks to her downward lashes).
Oh, and I was delighted to discover that she had furry eyebrows, instead of just a curved line.
She looks so sweet!

She also has a strong blush (unlike my Classical Alice) and has a strong pink lipstick with a pretty lip texture.

Her iris is similar to Classical Alice’s, but I like Cinderella’s better.
When her eye closes, she has pink eyeliner. I’m glad the whole eyelid isn’t colored!


While I like the doll, I dislike her outfit. Not that I find it ugly, but it was just overall very normal-looking. I usually prefer goth-loli clothing, that’s why. This outfit is just Cinderella in her everyday working clothes, I think. And by the way, she has really soft cream-yellow stockings! It’s so mysteriously… soft…


Interesting detail with the two different colored laces.


Her apron is pretty!



Her sleeves are cute. They are also slightly sheer.


Unfortunately, the back of her apron is not made very well. Her bow tends to droop in such way, unable to stick itself to the velcro.

And this concludes my review.
Cinderella might look a little bland, her face is very sweet which prevents the doll from looking dull overall. It was also surprising to see that she had bright pink eyeliner! Haha. If you wanted to have a great overall deal, I personally think there are other dolls with cute faces that come with more “special clothes”, like Nella who comes with a staff, suitcase, and black goth-loli clothing.



Yup, customized Cinderella!

Wig: Leekeworld Art Pinky 8-9 inch
Eyes: KiraKiraMeansSparkle Spring eye cabochon





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