Leekeworld Wigs (Fairy and Art Pinky) Review


Oh look, here comes more wigs! I already have two Leekeworld wigs to replace my Pullips’ stock wigs, but this time I wanted two new wigs that were more special. Leekeworld offers regular wigs and special (Unique and Art) wigs for those who want something a little more different for their dolls.

Let’s start with Fairyフェアリー (I’ll just call it Fairy).


Isn’t it beautiful? At first I thought I wouldn’t be too comfortable with these colors because I’m more of a dualtone color person, and not rainbow, but I decided to try it out anyway. Upon receiving the actual product, I was pleased. I was just disappointed that the purple tips weren’t obvious enough, in terms of intensity and color.
The color starts off teal at the roots, transitioning (faintly) into a light blue, to a lighter blue, finishing off with a touch of purple.


Let me tell you.
The hair is so soft! Almost like touching sheep hair (let’s assume sheep hair is really soft, haha). Surprisingly, hair care is really easy and there are no tangles whatsoever. Amazing.
You might want to use a big wig brush instead of a comb because her hair is going to get stuck between the narrow teeth.




The next wig I ordered was Art Pinky.


I wasn’t sure if I would have really liked it… because I knew the hair would be longer than I wanted it to (length more suited for 1/3 scale bodies) and I can’t trim her hair because, well, her tips are dyed pink!
I’ll just keep it ridiculously long (Rapunzel style!) instead.



IMG_3203And the results?

Well. The length of the hair is about an inch extra longer than her feet, so it’s not too bad. I guess it makes her look like a character from a fairy tail or mmorpg, hehe.
I feel like I have more cons to say about this wig, so let’s start with that.

The pink dye doesn’t seem as evenly distributed (and a lot shorter) on the promo pics in comparison to the actual product. Another thing that I’m slightly frustrated about is the texture of the hair that has been dyed pink. Now I’m not sure how they dye the hair, but it feels like they dipped the hair in wet chalk and had let it dry. It’s crunchy and hard to comb through! Even using your fingers is difficult because the ends of her hair just keep tangling and rubbing onto each other. Also, the color transition looks a little cheap… like as if I had really ran pink chalk of pastel over her hair.

Despite the cons, I have one strong pro. I simply just like this wig. I’m a fan of two-tone hair, so there you go! I am purely biased. However, based on the negative aspects of the wig I mentioned previously, I wouldn’t recommend buying the wig if you don’t really like the color. I believe they have the same style in several different colors with a smoother silkier texture (because it’s only one color).

Overall, I don’t really regret my purchase. However, if I had the chance… I think I would have rather bought another style instead of the pink one (and get the pink one later). Oh well. There goes more Leekeworld wigs ^^


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