Leekeworld Wigs (LR-002, LR-078, W-117) Review


After hanging around Leekeworld for too long, I’ve sort of gotten bored of their usual colors and have always wanted to try some of their limited colors from past events. Luckily, I found Dender Doll Emporium that sells Leekeworld wigs in certain special colors! The other great thing is that their prices are the same as Leekeworld’s and you don’t need to pay 20$ flat shipping. My shipping was 8$ through USPS Priority Mail ^^. I was hesitant to try out the website because I’ve never heard of it, but I gave it a chance and I’m glad I did.

So, I bought three wigs and regretted one.

First wig: LR-002 in brown carrot





What a lovely color! It’s brown with a red undertone. I’m a fan of red heads and this brown carrot is very lively (if that makes any sense).

The style is similar to LR-078, but a little less puffier because the top thirds of the head is flat. Did not regret this wig and it would a great addition to anyone’s wig collection because of its color and style.

Next, we have W-117, the wig I regretted purchasing 😦







Sorry, seems like I had trouble with the color balance. Not sure if it’s my camera or photoshop, but the color of this wig, sandy brown, doesn’t seem to register nicely in pixels.
If I could describe it, it’s simply a light brown color. I’d say the last picture of my Pullip sitting would be the most accurate picture representing the color.

Now, I think the color’s great. But the style!
I mean, it looked good in pictures. Let me show you…

The hair in the promo pics look a lot fuller and the curls were much more bouncier-looking. The one I received was thin and the curls were flattened. She almost looked like as if her hair was thinning or came out of the water, with her hair carrying a lot of water weight.
Additionally, I guess I overestimated my ability to care for hair that has tight curls. It’s actually hard, haha. Once I combed through a strand of curls, it looks a little different. Maybe I need to wax it or spray some “wig essence”, as Leekeworld calls, to add shine to the curls again because they look fried up.

Last wig: LR-078 in snow white.





My favorite purchase out of the three. I showed a picture to my friend and he said she looked like a snow queen, hehe. She kind of does! She looks warm and fluffy. Again, like most Leekeworld wigs, her hair is so soft like sheep (like the Fairy wig). Easy to maintain.

I was a little worried that she may end up looking like an old woman because she has white hair, but I think depending on how you customize her, she can look pretty awesome. I think my Pullip here looks pretty and magical.

I have a lot of wigs now and pretty much bought all the colors I need at the moment. I also need to try out other brands like Luts, but damn, they’re always sold out on the styles that I like. They really need to stock up.






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