White Classical Rabbit Pullip Review


I can’t believe I bought another Pullip doll. Okay, maybe it really wasn’t all that surprising considering the fact that I give in to a lot of my guilty pleasures. And that doesn’t even include the impulse figure purchases. (To expand on that note, I regretted a lot of my October pre-order loot.)

I know that I’ve been doing a lot of doll reviews. Some of you readers may feel bored or disappointed about this, but fear not! My next review will be a figure.

So now, please welcome my special guest: White Classical Rabbit! I’ve decided to rename her Toki.
It’s a Pullip dressed in an Alice Rabbit costume from the same series as the Classical Alice doll. How much more adorable can it get?


Interestingly, she has the same box as Classical Alice. A little bit disappointed in that. I wonder when Groove will run out of color combinations?


I’ve also noticed that this time, there’s a sticker in the back of the box. Now I’m paranoid that my previous Pullip might have been a counterfeit, but I don’t think so. Maybe it’s a sticker they don’t always use? I have no idea.

Promo Pic

Promo Pic


Promo pic: Noticeable dark smokey eye and fuller lips.


Click to enlarge for details.

I’d like to start the review by comparing the promotional pictures to the actual doll itself. My Rabbit looks very similar with the first promo pic, however on the second one you can tell that her eyes are lot darker. Perhaps it could have been a photoshop thing, but I really liked how her eyes looked so much more dramatic in that picture. Her dark smokey eyes, striking blue eyes, and dark wine lips really drew me in! (Yes, her face-up was the reason why I bought her, hehe.)

Another difference I was able to tell was the color distribution of her lip. In the promo pictures, I believe that I see more overall wine red lip color all over her lip. On the real deal, the color is more concentrated around the center of her lips. It doesn’t bother me that much, but I would preferred Rabbit to have fuller lips like the promo pics.



Enlarge for details.

Rabbit has a fabulous face up. Perhaps not flamboyant as Classical Alice that had full-drawn eyelashes like custom Pullip face-ups, but this Rabbit here is nonetheless glamorous. She does not spot any major spider lashes, but she has a few winged eyelashes and very faint bottom eyelashes. The bottom eyelashes create a nice dramatic effect when you look at her from far.

There’s one thing I did not notice on pictures until I actually started examining her in my hands: pink airbrush around her eyes (which seems to be the same color as her blush). If you have trouble spotting what I mean, look at her plain nude eyelids and compare it with the color around her eyes.
I think that’s interesting. I’m not sure I like it, but it doesn’t bother me that much. Maybe they wanted to make her more pink to match her bunny nature? I can also see that the pink around her face adds a lot of depth to her face (unlike Classical Alice — she’s so pale and looks a bit more “flat”).
I do have to admit that I wished her eyelids came colored. Maybe a pearly light pink?

Oh, I really don’t have much to say about her eye chip. It’s normal. I think I do like this better than the other ones, though.

Rabbit has really cute eyebrows too! I am very lucky that all the dolls I’ve fallen in love at first sight have nicely drawn eyebrows with “lines” that make them look furry/hairy, and not stamped on like tattooed eyebrows.
You have to admit that with her bangs covering her brows, her expression looks so much more different. With the display of her brows, she looks a lot more expressive!

One thing I absolutely love: her lips. Oooh my. I needed (yes, it’s a need lol) a doll with darker lips but wanted to avoid the traditional red. This wine color was what I wanted! It’s a dark red but with a neutral earthy tone. Lovely. Also, her lips are textured with lines. Double the lovely factor!




Rabbit has hip-length hair which is the perfect length for a long-haired Pullip. The wigs I buy from various stores are all too long and they end up reaching their toes. I don’t have the courage to damage cut my wigs so I’ll just leave them like that :/

The color? Let’s see. I think somewhere between a dirty blonde and light brown would be accurate. It’s a dark blond that’s very neutral and touching on the dark (and at the end) ashy spectrum of blonde hair.

Now, I have to say that among my Pulips, she has the best hair so far. Not only she has very few hair fallout in comparison to Classical Alice and Dahlia Cinderella, but her hair is unbelievably silky! It’s not as soft as Leekeworld wigs per say, but I think this is probably the best wig you can get from Groove.
My Rabbit still has her stock wig on. Sooner or later I will probably rip her wig off but, I am currently enjoying her hair. It’s so nice and voluminous.

Message to Groove: Please, can you make better wigs so we actually keep your stock wigs?


Note: I’d like to point out that her bunny fur is quite soft. I think it even has some positive psychological effects, lol. You know, as if you were handling a stuffed animal?


When you take off her outer blue/red shirt-thing (not sure what to call that), an open tunic is revealed. It’s adorned with white and golden details (ribbons? lace?), kind of similar to what Classical Alice has. It’s nice that they kept the overall clothing themes and materials similar.

What struck me as odd was… that her open tunic was open. There’s no clasp or button to close it so it’s kind of weird… and you get to see her naked rabbit suit underneath. *shrug*


Her rabbit feet is being secured by the help of transluscent rainbow-colored ribbons. Sadly, they’re dirty.


And it turns out she’s actually wearing socks! Haha. I was pleasantly surprised. Watch out though — the sock and shoe is kind of tight and you may risk breaking something if you don’t take them off with care.


Speaking of rabbit feet, you also get rabbit hands (gloves) 🙂 They’re so cute! On the underside of the glove, there are pink felt cut-outs to make up the paw of a rabbit. One thing I hate about these gloves is that they’re very loose and can fall out easily. High maintenance.


I forgot to take a picture of her red/blue suit so here’s a close up of the details. It’s very vibrant and adds a lot of color to her overall nude/neutral tone.

I also forgot to take a picture of the bunny hat. I’ve been very forgetful lately because of real-life stress (sorry!).
Her rabbit hat is easy to remove and her bunny ears are bendable because there are wires inside. Isn’t that fun? I’d advise against playing/bending the wires too much though. It may cause the wire to snap. You never know.

Overall, I love this Pullip. It’s probably my favorite out of the three that I own, for some reason. I can’t really pinpoint the reason why I really like this doll. She comes with no accessories, but I think her bunny suit and her face-up really lured me into the trap of buying her, haha. I mean if you’re feeling kind of down and sad, you can always dress her in her bunny suit and have her entertain you for a bit ^^

FYI, I bought Rabbit at PullipStyle for $103.95 USD.



Finally customized my Rabbit!

Cosmic Grey


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