1/6 Yashiro Kasumi review by Kotobukiya


I remember eyeing on her for months before I decided to purchase her, only because I saw her on sale on Rakuten c: I believe I bought her for second hand & sealed.
Why did I buy this? Not sure. There’s this charming look on her face… and I can’t quite lay a finger on her expression. Is she thinking? Is she sad? Is she just relaxing and enjoying whatever she’s looking at? Also, her hair. Yeah, you probably read this many times. “Haaairrrrr!” Yeah. Her hair is truly beautiful.


I couldn’t find an original illustration to this figure. Kasumi, apparently, has very stiff and pokey hair. I find it interesting how Kotobukiya changed that and gave her graceful long hair. It almost looks like she slept with hair conditioner and the next day, bam! Really smooth, long, and untangled hair. Also, Koto changed her hair color too. I don’t really have an opinion on that since I’m not familiar with the original character, but I do like the soft pasted blue they chose instead of the purple.

Because I moved from my original home, I do not have a lightbox set up anymore. While I figure out my photography set up, I’ll just have to rely on sunlight for the time being. *pouts* There will be less focused and detailed pictures, though, I will try and be as descriptive as I can.






I really like her face (apart from her glossy eyes, but hey, it’s Kotobukiya!).

As mentioned earlier, she looks serene. Maybe even a little melancholy, but it’s so vague that it’s up to the viewer to decide. With her arms curled up, in a defensive position and wrapped around her knees, it puts Kasumi in an interesting state of mind. Is she seeking comfort? Is she feeling closed out?

She has a little blush that is very faint. Her mouth isn’t the best out there, but I suppose it’s better than most of Koto’s open mouths.

Kasumi is truly photogenic; she looks great from any side and I really had no trouble photographing her (aside from my battle with sunlight, haha.)






Alright, I’ll say it again.


It’s just… I suppose it’s really my weak point. Perhaps her hair might not look very impressive to another figure collector, but I find that it was beautifully sculpted. Whoever thought of doing her hair in such manner (instead of her stiff pokey hair) deserves a cookie.

The paint job on her hair is very simple. Highlighting and shadowing are not detailed at all. A quick spray of light blue where light should hit, and dark blue where shadows should lie. But the transition is well done. Along with a good hair sculpt, there is a lot of depth given to her sharp yet smooth hair.


Kotobukiya gave Kasumi a white fluffy base! I really love it. It suits her well. Character-wise and the white bunny theme she is wearing.




First, her skin is quite rough and you can clearly see a mold line on her sides.
Second, her clothes. I don’t mind the shiny thigh high boots (that are carefully painted with dark purple shadows here and there), but her chest band… is distracting. I understand it’s a bunny costume and they’re supposed to be appealing in general, but I feel like these chest band belongs on a female samurai or something. It looks a little cheap, wrapped with some white bandage, even though they tried to make it look like as if it was part of a bikini or something (there’s a closure on the back). They should have just went traditional and gave her the usual corset instead, seeing that she has one of those typical bunny costume sleeves.
Third… her fluffy collar doesn’t look very fluffy. It looks like it’s made from concrete.

I suppose her clothing really really prevented me from pre-ordering her asap, but oh well. Saw her on sale, and did not regret a single bit. She has become one of my favorite figures.


Sculpt finish: 8/10
Sculpt mold: 8.5/10
Paint: 9.5/10
Representation of character: 9/10 (I love it, but I think the hair has been altered which may disappoint some people?)

Explanation of my rating system:

“Sculpt finish” specifically refers to the finish of the figure. Whether it’s perfect, smooth, rough or sandy.

“Sculpt mold” determines whether everything is sculpted to how it’s supposed to look. At its best, hair should have clean lines and pointy edges. Fingers do not look melted and feet do not look horrendous. Arms and legs should have definition and not look like straight piece of wood (unless it’s the style of the art). Also, seam or mold lines should not be apparent as well.

“Paint” is pretty self explanatory. Paint should go wherever they were supposed to be painted on and should not have any spillovers.

“Representation of character” looks at whether the company and/or artist has accurately represented your character. Do the eyes seem off? Is that hair color right? Did they forget something on the outfit?






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