1/8 Sakura Nanako Review by Megahouse


Wow. I haven’t written a figure review in a long while. A lot of things happened in my life for the past few months. Life changes are not always easy to deal with and it took me a while to get back into my figure hobby. *exhales*

Sakura Nanako is my first Megahouse figure! Megahouse… I wouldn’t say they are top notch, but they stand around where Kotobukiya is, I guess. Other than their One Piece and Gintama figures, I do appreciate the fact that they release characters who are less popular.

Why did I buy this figure?
Her hair ^^ Her hair is so beautiful. You’ll see in a bit why.


Megahouse changed her pose completely while keeping her gym equipment intact.
Even her facial expression slightly changed. I feel she looks a lot more innocent and expressive. Megahouse, instead, gave her a muted face with an air of emptiness. Not as shy, not as cute, not as innocent. I guess they wanted to be more creative, but I did wish they sculpted Sakura exactly like the illustration in mind.





Yes, the box is dented. Bought it on Mandarake, second hand.
The box is nothing impressive. It’s very normal. Reminds me a bit of Kotobukiya’s boxes when they are uncreative.


See? See her hair? It’s so beautiful and flowy!
So full of volume and flowing with grace. That is the reason why I bought the figure. Ok, alright. I do have to admit that her being on her knees and that very soft moemoe facial expression caught my eyes as well *shameless smile* xD





Admittedly, her open mouth isn’t very attractive. Looks like it has been circle with a very fine sharpie pen. Her mouth looks great from far, though.
Other than her very gentle facial expression and a cute blush, there’s nothing really to add to her face. Oh, right. She’s very photogenic. She looks great from any side! And her jaws don’t look funny when you look at her from other angles, unlike other flat-headed figures.







Can you tell that a lot of highlight and shadowing effort have been put towards her hair? It really animates her hair and the colors are so vivid. I am looking at her from my desk, and her hair really stands out in my figure display cabinet. A lot of companies skimp out of hair coloring and details. The hair is really a great selling point.
With that said… there are two weird strands of hair in the back of her head to add more volume to her hair, glued on imperfectly. If you can look over that then it’s great. Good thing it’s behind her head and you can’t really see it from the front.


The only cast-off feature is her vest. Then you are able to see her gym suit.


With her vest off, her nipples are more visible, along with the outline of her small sized breasts.
Initially, the weird armpit-upper chest fat area squeezed (no idea how to describe that) in between bothered me, but I learned to disregard it.


The folds in her clothing are very common folds, albeit a little exaggerated in some areas.


Because she is wearing stockings, you see some folds around her toes.


Mold lines ^^;; They also appear in front of her thighs as well.


Odd chubby fingers without form or details. I’ll give the company a break though; it is a figure from 2009 afterall. I do like her fingernail polish, though.



The glue in her crotch area is disappointing.


Her buttocks are a little, just a little, flawed. Her gym suit looks very thick and awkward and looking a little plastic. Almost looks like her buttocks are wearing helmets. *sweatdrop*


I do like lighting contrast when taking pictures.

She does have a nice sculpted form in general, especially her tummy area. Looks very delicious. But the slit on her chest looks very unnatural to me and would have been better if they removed that. Her arms look nice besides her armpit and chubby short fingers.

In the end, despite some flaws here and there, I think what’s important to take from this figure overall is the air Sakura is able to give off. Perhaps it is her facial expression along with her flowy hair that will win your heart. Or perhaps her small chest in combination of her tight gym suit alongside gym equipment that allures your heart.


Sculpt finish: 7.5/10
Sculpt mold: 7.5/10
Paint: 8/10
Representation of character: 7/10

Explanation of my rating system:

“Sculpt finish” specifically refers to the finish of the figure. Whether it’s perfect, smooth, rough or sandy.

“Sculpt mold” determines whether everything is sculpted to how it’s supposed to look. At its best, hair should have clean lines and pointy edges. Fingers do not look melted and feet do not look horrendous. Arms and legs should have definition and not look like straight piece of wood (unless it’s the style of the art). Also, seam or mold lines should not be apparent as well.

“Paint” is pretty self explanatory. Paint should go wherever they were supposed to be painted on and should not have any spillovers.

“Representation of character” looks at whether the company and/or artist has accurately represented your character. Do the eyes seem off? Is that hair color right? Did they forget something on the outfit?









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