Himeno, Komorebimori no Dobutsutati (Wolf) by Azone Pure Neemo


Himeno’s wolf was my first Pure Neemo purchase that I never regretted. After receiving her, I was surprised at how cute she was in person and the intricate clothing that she had. I thought it was pretty funny that she can be both the riding hood and wolf!


See what I mean? She’s so adorable! Her colors blend so well together and it makes her look so warm and gentle.

Her price can be hefty though, as like the other animal girls that were released years ago. Hurray for aftermarkets! Beware, she does not come with any stands. You’ll have to purchase your own. I recommend these Obitsu stands from Amiami for a few dollars. You have to put it yourself together. It’s actually pretty simple so no worries.

HImehead HImehead2

Himeno has ginger hair ❤

As my first doll, I was a little disappointed that her bangs did not come styled just like the promo pictures. You’ll have to buy your own doll hair wax somewhere. Azone makes them but they’re not easy to find; you’ll most likely need to order them from Japanese sites such as Yahoo Japan Auctions.



Himeno comes with various pieces of clothing. Ear muffs, fur bag, red hood, tunics, boots, fox ears, and a pajama set. The pajama set comes separately packaged in bags, just like the accessories.

Himebody5 Himebody6 Himebody3 Himebody4

The little golden buttons add a nice touch of detailing on her clothing! They look like actual buttons.
Also, the lace. Lace everywhere! I approve.

Now I understand why Pure Neemo clothing are so expensive. One top/bottom set can cost you $30.

Himebody7 Himebody8

When you take off layer after layer of clothing, Himeno still remains cute. That was one of the main reasons why I bought this doll. She looks cute no matter what she wears from her default clothing.

Himebody12 Himebody11 Himebody10

Her variant pajama/animal form!
Not your Himeno is a wolf and is ready to go to bed.

Initially, seeing her joints made her unappealing. I think I was just not used to seeing dolls revealing more skin, therefore, seeing more of their doll parts (joints). I got used to it though. Thanks to the relatively new Pure Neemo Advanced body, her body is much more poseable than the older bodies. For example, you can move their arms forward and backward, as if you were flapping your butterfly wings. Older bodies can only move their arms upwards and downwards, unfortunately.

And this concludes my first Pure Neemo entry.

Pure Neemo dolls are so adorable and once you buy one… you’re itching to add another girl into your family (it must be a doll owner curse…)

All in all, Himeno was very worthy as my first girl. Still one of my favorites!

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