Alisa ~Afternoon Peach Tea~ by Azone Pure Neemo


Another Pure Neemo doll! Got this one in the mail a few days ago and was very excited to inspect her from the box. Alisa looks like she’s ready to go on a picnic or has a date with a girlfriend for an afternoon tea.

What tempted me to buy her was the hair and her eye style. She’s really cute! Her outfit is a little plain, but you can always change her clothes.



Alisa has really cute eyes compared to the rest of the Pure Neemo girls. It looks more cute and anime-styled with a very moe look.

Her hair color is more peachy than pink and she has turquoise eyes.


What you see is what you get. She doesn’t have many accessories. Just a hand bag and a head band.


Hand bag.


Head band with bow.


Her light brown cardigan is really cute. Her frilly collar refuses to stay flat though, unfortunately. It keeps flipping back upwards.
Also, you need to untie her bow in order to remove her cardigan. I wish it was a hook just like other clothes to keep her perfect bow intact.


Puffy ruffled sleeves.


Inner pink dress revealed.


alisabody7 alisabody9 alisabody10

Surprisingly, she has really cute underwear! I believe my other Pure Neemo dolls has plain white underwear or none at all.


Her shoes are terrible!
They don’t fit her feet at all. Once you reposition her feet, they start wobbling and get out of place with ease. Worst Pure Neemo shoe I’ve had to deal with.

Her socks are cute, but her right sock is looser than the left, so it has a tendency to slide down.


I’ve gotta say… I don’t know if it’s quality control or what, but the quality of Alisa isn’t the best. As mentioned earlier, her shoes are not tailored perfectly and her sock is loose. On top of that, Alisa (mine in particular, anyway) has a weak left knee and right arm. It must be a Pure Neemo doll body issue. Some of my doll joints are loose and some are nice and sturdy.

Anyways, there’s Alisa for you. Pink haired and blue eyed, she’s ready to go on an afternoon tea date with you or her friends. Change her clothes around and she’s super adorable! Her stock outfit is cute, but I like my white alternative outfits for her instead.

IMG_4189 IMG_4194 IMG_4196

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