An Adventure: Wig & Eyes


After seeing some pretty customs all over the internet (thanks Google image for my impulse buys), I felt compelled to buy a cute wig. I’ve got some straight and curly (fizzy) hair but I don’t have anything that’s rather unique. I saw this wig on Ebay and all I heard in my head was “cute cute cute!” 

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Bought this 8-9 inch wig from seller jcf882012 for $30 with free shipping.
Isn’t it adorable? Especially curling the braids around the buns.


Yup. The wigs came as described and the colors are just like the pictures.


Unfortunately, the ends of her braids are very kinky/over curled unlike the factory pictures. Well, it’s a heat-resistant wig, so you can always straighten it and re-curl it yourself if you want, which is a plus. I’m lazy so I’m going to leave it as is for now.

Also, the cap was tight for an 8-9 inch. I cut the band a little and gave it an extra inch.


I’m sure the back of the wig will look a bit more appealing on proper 1/3 sized dolls since the braids are hanging oddily behind Pullips’ backs. The braids were hard to see so I moved them forward. It’s not too bad!

IMG_4243 IMG_4246 IMG_4248 IMG_4249Sadly, some of the purple hair got mixed in her pink braid. Oh well!


As for the eye chips, I bought a bunch of Cool Cat eyes a long time ago and I never really touched them as I don’t switch out wigs & eyes so much. Unscrewing the head, then you have all these screws and parts laying around, and then you have to stretch that narrow wig back on that slippery bald head… yeah, you get the picture.

I didn’t have any proper pink or purple eyes, so I opted for a blue that had the same tone as the wig. Turned out better than I thought! I just wished it was a little lighter so it’d actually show in a darker room. Looks like I need some pink or grey eyes next.

This is also the first time I used this kind of eye chip style with lines as I’ve always used realistic eyes. I like it!
Looks like I’ve got some more shopping to do…

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