Pullip Seila Review


Ah, Pullip Seila. You are finally in my hands.

She was among the first Pullip that caught my attention when I was browsing through Pullip releases. I remember the only thing that deterred me from getting her was her eyeliner’s wing. Wasn’t too fond of that. Well, guess what? Now I’m completely in love with her. She looks much better in person!

SeilaBox SeilaBox1

I really like her box. While she has neutral and dark shades, her box was colorful while remaining the neutrality of her personality. It’s really nice as it suits Seila’s character perfectly. Dark & gentle.


Let’s study her face up!

Seila was actually designed by a Pullip/doll lover, so she has a very unique face-up, clothing, and accessories.

Her eye shadow is perfect and balances out her cat eyes. There’s a lot of highlight and shadowing.
Another cool thing about Seila are her odd eyes. Blue/green and red/blue are common combinations, but to stay with our color theme, we have brown/grey. They are extremely lovely. I actually don’t mind these stock eye chips as I always have a tendency to pop these out and replace them with higher quality eye chips.

What interests me are her lips. Unlike most Pullips, her lips are a shade of taupe, inked with a black lip outer corners and gentle lip wrinkles around the center. Her lips also has a matte finish!

If you look carefully, she also has a subtle blush with pink undertones.


What I did not know previously were her eyebrows. Little did I know, she has sad/anxious eyebrows! It completely changes her expression when you brush those bangs away.

That’s something you do not see among Pullips commonly. Unfortunately, I found them to be a little too light. I might draw over them with a darker watercolor pencil or something, whenever I feel more confident.

SeilaFace3Lastly, her eyelids are very cool. It’s black with gold shimmers. Neutral and warm, again, which suits Seila nicely.


Seila’s hair actually came in two parts. Her extra curly puffy wig that goes above her head came in a separate plastic bag.

Perfect hair! (Well with flaws of course.)
Groove wigs are not the best wigs you can have on your doll. Seila’s curls are very frizzy and messy. I really rather purchase my own and replace it, but finding a replacement wig with similar curls is going to be hard.

I am also annoyed that Seila’s hair split isn’t exactly centered.

SeilaHair3 SeilaHair2 SeilaHair4

I guess I’m unlucky, but my Seila was a really kinky frizz out of control hair (top right curls).


So her hair looks nice so far, right?
Yeah. That’s because you hide the seams with her black ribbon bow!


Seila comes with two hair accessories: a bow and a lace-headwrap-thing. (I still don’t know what they’re called…)



Uncovered — tada! Looks really bad.

SeilaBody1Moving on to her accessories & clothing now.

She comes with a necklace, birdcage, clay doll, key, and book. I’ve never seen a Pullip with so many accessories apart from other designer collab dolls.

SeilaBody8 SeilaBody9

I feel like Seila is just full of praises. Alright, here comes another one!

Seila has one of the most intricate and detailed clothing I’ve ever seen so far! (Another Pullip that’s carefully designed would be Pullip Bloody Red Hood in my opinion.)


Her open neck line is very conservative and girly.


What makes her even more gentle and feminine would be her puffy sleeves, tightened with a black ribbon, and elongated with a see through puffy sleeve, finished off with ruffled laces. Geez, that was a mouthful. Anyone hungry yet?

I forgot to take a detailed picture of her nails. You can sort of see them in the picture above. She comes with black fingernails!


I overexposed this picture so we can see her layers and layers of black ruffles and lace. She’s like a souffle!

I also found it interesting that the details on her dress are asymmetric. Note the flower lace on the left, only to be disjointed with the black lace on the right. The same applies to the ruffles underneath (I believe the right side has 2-3 more layers or ruffles.)


Another shot of her layers.


Wearing all black is hard but Seila’s black gothic dress is perfect. The designer used different texture of cloths to add details to the dress while keeling it all black. Applause!

By the way, you can remove her see through apron-like thing. (Whatever it is — I don’t know the term for it.)
It’s tied at the back and the ribbon is actually wired so you can retain its shape.

SeilaBody7Lace top socks.


Seila’s shoes weren’t the easiest to put on.
You have to detangle them and button them back together while wrapping the rubber back on her calves.

They were slightly short so I had to pretty much jam in her feet while praying I wouldn’t be breaking her feet.


Seila also comes with a short over-the-shoulder coat and a neck lace choker (sorry — forgot to picture it.) It pretty much covers her neck line.

SeilaBody11The details — argh! I’m going to die from it.
(Yes I’m feeling very emotional and enthusastic… now excuse me while I’m going to sip on some tea.)

There are two black gemstones in the middle. Her over coat is pretty much just a see through with some flower lace design across from it. It also has feathers on top and bottom. It really makes Seila looks so warm and elegant (great way to portray her during colder months.)

Well — this is it. Seila’s review was longer than ever. There was just too much to cover. I’d say Seila secured herself a spot among one of the most cutest, prettiest, and intricate Pullip.

IMG_4348 IMG_4283 IMG_4335 IMG_4371

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