Tutorial: Wig & Eyes Removal

There are many Youtube videos on how to change your Pullip’s wig & eyes, but there aren’t many written ones. Among the written ones, Requiem Art’s tutorial on wig removal is very extensive and that’s where I learned to customize my Pullip! They also offer many other tutorials as well. White Chocolate Dreamland also has a turorial if you want to use acrylic eyes instead of chips.

I’m more of a reader than a video person, so I prefer written instructions with lots of details and still pictures. Use that in conjunction with a video and we all should be good to go!

I will show how to remove the stock wig as well as removing the stock eye chips.

We’ll start with customizing our dearest Classical Rabbit!


Classical Rabbit actually has very good stock wigs and eyes. Still couldn’t help myself but to mod her though!
If you’re interested, you can read her review here.

Here’s a list of tools you may need:

  • Exacto knife, swiss knife, or any other knife with a strong blade
  • Mouse pad or any other soft surfaces to lie your Pullip on
  • Screw driver (small cross)
  • Long and narrow screw driver or metal rod/stick
  • Work gloves
  • Scissors
  • Tape (Magic Tape/matte tape or double sided) OR glue
  • Tweezers
  • First Aid! (for clumsy or accident prone people like me)
  • Your new wig (8-9 inch or 1/3 head size)
  • Your new eyes (12mm eye chips)

Alright, let’s start by undressing Rabbit. Having a firm grasp on her body is much easier to work on, especially during her wig removal process.


Use a mouse pad or something soft to protect your Pullip’s forehead and face when she is being worked on.
Also use work gloves if you’re afraid of slicing your hand.

Removing her wig from the back is easier than the front.
Grab your knife and let’s get this rolling!

Please use your knife with caution!

Lift up her hair and insert your knife under her wig. Try to find a weaker spot or an opening where you can slide your blade in and start wiggling your way deeper. You’ll hear some tearing and that’s great news! That means the wig is detaching from the glue and that’s your goal.

Classical Rabbit had the toughest glue in my opinion. She was the hardest to work on! I had to slice the glue with the blade too. I originally had an exacto knife but I felt it was about to snap due to the glue being too strong, so I switched to my swiss knife.

When you’ve successfully inserted your knife under a spot and managed to lift off the wig from the glue, start moving along.

Also, don’t worry, the wig is pretty sturdy and the chances of breaking your wig is pretty slim.


This is how it looks like when you’ve worked on the entire back side.

See the glue? Groove sure used a lot of glue on Rabbit. Either that or they upgraded to some super high grade industry strength crazy glue.

Now you can start working on the sides, then moving forward to her forehead.
After that you can just grab her whole hair and pull the wig off! If it’s still too tough, keep working on the glue with your knife.

Congrats! You’ve successfully removed the stock wig.


Next, it’s time to grab your small cross screw driver. Remove the 3 screws: one on top, two on the bottom.


Here’s inside your Pullip’s head.

Pull out the two plastic sticks that close the Pullip’s eyes.

There are 3 screws you have to remove again.


Remove the two springs that hold the eyelids up.

Voila! You have successfuly removed the eye mechanism.

20150514_160015All that remains are her eyelids.

Time to remove her eye chips!


Now, I welcome you to the hardest part of the tutorial.

There are two ways to remove her eye chips.

  1. You can dip the eyes (not the whole eye mech, just the eye balls) into hot boiling water. The glue will weaken and will allow the eye chips to pop out easier.
    Beware! You might damage her eye chips because the plastic will crack. 
    If you care about the eye chips, move to #2.After dipping your eyes (the longer the better), use a long and narrow screw driver or a stick to pop the eyes out from behind. Hold the eye ball, not the mechanism.Hold the eyes upwards and position your stick from underneath. Your stick should be against the back of the eye chip. Push the eye ball downwards with force while making sure your stick is being held still with a firm grip or flat surface. Whatever works for you and with caution.
    Beware! Use work gloves if you’re afraid of being punctured… Because I did.
  2. Use a sharp knife and carve the eye chips out from the side. I don’t like this method because it might damage the whites of the eye globe and that annoys me.

I actually hurt my hand a year ago while popping the eye chips out… I punctured through my whole palm with a kabob skewer stick, from under my pinky to my middle finger. Ha! Yeah, it wasn’t fun. That’s why I suggested First Aid!

I now suffer from some permanent damage to my tendons so do be careful. If you’re afraid, ask for help. Also, wear some work gloves to protect yourself!

Finally got these [use profane word] out!

Had to use a lot of force to pop these out. And when I say pop, it popped like a bottle of champagne.
There is an absurd amount of strong glue used for Rabbit. My other Pullip’s had weaker and less glue so it was relatively easier. I’ve read that the newer Pullip releases had more glue used, so there’s that.

The fun starts now as you have done the hardest part of the tutorial!

It’s time to grab your new eye chips.


When buying eyes, make sure you buy 12mm sized eye chips. Blythe has 14mm ones so if you do use them, you have to sand the edges down.

I bought a lot of eye chips through Cool Cat. They have a large selection of colors and variety.
(Make sure you buy from the Pullip section!)

My experience was hit and miss though. I did not know that when you order the eyes, you had the option to mention whether or not you wanted the pupils to be filled with black ink. I didn’t so I had to use a black sharpie after receiving them.
Also, they come with different kinds of laser paper in the back… so you might end up with real funky patterns (above eye chips in blue) that you might dislike. I wasted a bunch because of this. I only like the shiny laser paper (above eye chips in red).


From left to right: Spring, Grass, Aqua, Mardi Gras, Black & Blue, and Kelp.

Also, I stumbled across hand made eye chips from KiraKiraMeansSparkle on Etsy. Shannon mainly makes realistic eyes with flat glass cabochons. Read up my review here.

Unfortunately, her shop will be closed down so order before November 2015. I was very sad to see the news as I loved her eye chips the most.

If you’re interested in making your own eye chips, Shannon has a tutorial here.


So, I decided to try on some Cool Cat eyes with lines.

I’m a lazy person so I just used some tape and covered, just a little, the top of the eye chip.

You should be using some sort of glue if you want your eye chips to be safe and secure. I, however, like to change my eye chips a lot so I use tape instead for easy removal.


When putting back the eye mech in the head, make sure the vertical sticks are sitting above the 4 springs on each corner.
I then realized that Rabbit’s vertical sticks are actually crooked… wonder if it’s a defect.


If you want to change eyelashes, this is the perfect time as your Pullip is already dissasembled.

Pullip stock eyelashes tend to be short and fake-looking (like a doll… if that makes any sense.)


I bought eye lashes from Cool Cat. They have a ton of variety.

Cut the eye lash in half.
Sometimes the eye lash is actually not symmetric so you might end up with one half that has shorter lashes. In that case, you can use the second eye lash (you buy in pairs) and use the half that will match yours initial half.

20150514_173527I tried ripping the stock lashes off with tweezers and they refused to budge at all. I ended up cutting them with scissors and be done with it.

I placed eyelash and taped it. You can also use glue. I didn’t like the idea of permanently having the lashes on so I used tape instead.

20150514_174928 20150514_17452520150514_175035

Tada! Your Pullip already looks very pretty, right?


Left eye: Cosmic Gray — Right eye: Gray and Gold

I also wanted to try Shannon’s eye chips for the heck of it and found out that I really liked Cosmic Gray on Rabbit. It really matches her stock wig which I will be re-using (her new wig from Ebay is on its way.)


Ok! Eyes done.

It’s time to put everything back together.

20150514_233216 20150514_233455

Cosmic Grey

Rabbit looks so different doesn’t she? It’s all about the eyes!

I re-used her stock wig because it’s really cute, smooth, and the perfect length. I pulled it back a little as well to show her eye brows.
Most long wigs for sale are way too long. You’d have to trim it yourself and I’m terrible with hair.

For wig reviews, read them here.

And there you go.
Have a great time with customization!

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