KiraKiraMeansSparkle Eye Chip Haul / Review

Well well… I decided to get more eye chips from Shannon before her shop closes down ^^;

IMG_4395 IMG_4396

I wanted to diversify the colors that I currently have, so I ordered some greens, browns, and dark blues. I originally ordered 5 pairs but she gave me Indigo for free. Thank you Shannon!


Left to right: Pretty Green, Kelly, Electric, Indigo (?), Truffle, Almond.


Left to right: Almond, Indigo, Kelly.


Left to right: Truffle, Electric, Pretty Green.

I’m very satisfied with my purchase. The colors were great! With the exception of Almond — it was brighter than I thought. For bright eye chips, I’d rather have the shiny lined Cool Cat chips, but oh well. I might find its use some day.

It would be a lot of effort to sample each eye chip, so I selected my favorites only.


Kelly has such a beautiful rich green tone to it. I would imagine Kelly with some red hair or warm brown hair. IMG_4429

Pretty Green — what a fitting name! I love how the color changes to a brown around the iris. I mainly bought this one to match Rabbit’s brown wig and to create a green eyed girl.


Truffle is a chocolate brown that you would adore. I only wished it was a bit lighter so you would see the lovely brown in a poorly light room, but once light shines on her, you can’t help but feel drawn to her dark brown eyes.


I really have a thing for blue eyes, and that’s why I bought Electric. I really love the wavy pattern as it’s not simply just straight lines (see Truffle, Kelly).

From left to right: Spring, Grass, Aqua, Mardi Gras, Black & Blue, and Kelp.

From left to right: Spring, Grass, Aqua, Mardi Gras, Black & Blue, and Kelp.

Like these ones above too? I reviewed my first haul from Shannon’s eye chips.

Cosmic Grey

Cosmic Grey

Even after getting 6 pairs, I still returned to Cosmic Grey, which Rabbit originally had after I re-chipped her.

IMG_4448So I also got these… they’re teddy bear styled eyes. Sneak peek!
Will review them when I sand off the rod behind the eyes. They are too long as they were meant to be sowed onto stuffed animals.

Interested in purchasing some? Visit Suncatcher Craft Eyes. Don’t forget, Pullip & co have 12mm eyes.


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