Wig haul from Tita Doremi

My 3 wigs from Ebay have arrived. I purchased them from Tita Doremi which have a wide selection of wigs (both doll and human) and clothes.

Unfortunately, I find them to be more on the expensive side. They cost close to $30 per wig plus shipping.
I paid almost $12 for shipping as two of them didn’t have free shipping for some reason… anyway, that’s expensive. I had some high expectations!


To my horror, the packaging was very poor.
My wigs came in a thin plastic bag, with both sides ripped wide open! USPS didn’t even bother to tape the bag back together and label it as damaged/contents might be missing. One USPS worker did that in the past but I guess this one wasn’t feeling up for it. I was very lucky that none of my wigs were missing…

*Edit/Update: Contacted Tita Doremi and they were very patient with me regarding the packaging problem. Told me that this never happened to their buyers before. I have no idea what happened, either. *shrug* They offered to give me a discount next time on my purchase and I agreed to it. It’s better than nothing.


I’ll start with my favorite wig.

I wanted a wig that was middle parted. I intentionally bought this wig for Seila to show off her lovely brows.


Indeed, the wig is long as expected! Almost all wigs that are long for 1/3 scaled dolls will most likely arrive past Pullip’s feet. It is really not a huge problem as you can chop off some hair. Since the hair is wavy, you don’t need to be too perfect about the cut.

As for the wave… compared to the promo pic, it’s really lacking that oomph. I wish it were wavier/bouncier like the picture.

For fun, I braided the hair and she looked so cute!

Interestingly, the color of the wig is the same as Classical Rabbit’s.

IMG_4449 IMG_4479

I was worried that the middle part will be very ugly, but this one ain’t too bad. I’m pleased! This was $30 well spent.


When I saw this wig, I had to have it!
I’ve been looking for a pink wig with white dipped bottoms. I was really hoping this would be the winner until I took the wig out of the plastic bag.IMG_4498 IMG_4488 IMG_4489

Yeah… the white dipped bottom isn’t really apparent. I am disappointed. If I had known, I wouldn’t have bought the wig and save myself some money.

Also, the curls on her right side are very kinky, unlike her other left-half.

At least the length of the wig isn’t Rapunzel-like and at an acceptable length.

Not sure if it’s just me, but the pink color is a bit off. In the promo pic, it’s more closer to a hot pink. What I have received was more of a lighter pink.


Upon close inspection, her hair is two toned. Light pink and pink mix.

I know her hair looks really peachy here (bad lighting).IMG_4509


Got a chance to use this wig again on a different doll. Looks much better than the weird yellow lighting!sdsa

And lastly, I wanted a medium length wavy hair for my dolls. They are very hard to find as most stores have either long or short length hair.

IMG_4527 IMG_4533

Well, at least the color is spot on!

I’m not sure why I was disappointed after seeing the wig…
Is it too frizzy and fried up? I think it might be the form, too. It’s very poofy and I think it’s because the hair isn’t long enough to weigh it down. No clue, really. But this wig isn’t too easy to tame and style.

I still like it, though. I only have another light blond wig and that one is very short (bob hair).

IMG_4529I guess I never learn my lessons!

What you see on Ebay sellers isn’t what you always get. Think twice.

The wigs always seem to be a rip off of the original promotional picture. I think next time I’m going to try a known store and see how that goes. My past experiences with Leekeworld wigs was not too pleasant either… Why is it so hard to make wigs close to the promo product? Oh well!

With this said, their wigs weren’t too bad. Some wigs have better quality than others. I would give them another shot.

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