Nendoroid #158 Kudryavka Noumi ~Winter Uniform Ver.~ by GSC


Woah. When was the last time I reviewed a scaled figure? Let alone a Nendoroid!

Truth is, I had backed up review pictures dated waaaaay back from 2012. And yes, the lighting really sucked back then! It’s better than nothing though.


Anyway, Kudryavka Noumi. Did you get her name right yet? It took me a while!
I don’t know anything about this character (only that she was from a visual novel game) and I bought this Nendoroid when I first collected. I simply thought she was adorbs, so I forked over the money and collected her.


KuBox KuBox2Noumi came with a lot of stuff, which includes a white fribee toy for her dog, the dog in question, and a bunch of clothing and arm parts. What confused me was why GSC would send us two identical capes and skirts… I still don’t know the answer to that to this day.


Alright. What really won me over was her cheery face. Reminds me of Menma a little, don’t you think?
She also has those little fang teeth when her mouth opens.

Now, the extra cheery face. Squee!

Yes, she has a removable cape and hat with dog ears and tails!

I really love this face. It melts my heart.
“How dare you break a poor little maiden’s pure heart?” as Kudryavka whimpers and sniffs.


I think GSC was experimenting (or having trouble) figuring out how to make her stand.
She has a cape in the way, so using the good ol’ skirt base was out of the question. The only other option was to drill a hole in the back of her head and use an extra strand of hair to cover it up in case you are not using her stand (… which is never?)KudHair2KudHair3Noumi has this light brown caramel-ish hair color.
Interestingly, she has a bat hair clip. Wonder what’s the story behind that?


Noumi’s body is not very high quality. I’d say it’s a bit below average compared to most Nendoroids. The paint is bleeding all over the place and the lines on her skirt is very poorly painted (at least, compared to today’s standards.)


More painting issues where her sock and shoe joins.

KudBody3And finally, the dog makes an appearance.

Overall, if I had to choose again, I would probably not buy Noumi again due to money circumstances. Also, Nendoroids don’t appeal to me anymore unless I know the character personally or if she is unbelievably cute. Noumi was definitely one of my newbie impulse buys.
That does not necessarily mean that she’s not worth it, though. She seems to be true to her character and represents her cute personality very well, especially her face plates!


For those who are interested, she also has a summer version which was exclusive. I definitely like the winter version more! Though it wouldn’t hurt your wallet if you wanted more face plates and clothes (riiiight?)

Here’s some more extra Kudryavka images. She’s actually very cute in the anime ^^;
Reminds me of myself, a little. Even the scary bit, haha.

tumblr_n1kqw3yVJr1qiy5two1_500 tumblr_narofeyF111tvsy0io1_500 tumblr_mzgz5sKYpR1qif91eo4_500


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