Nendoroid #168A Airi by GSC


Airi was also among one of my earliest addition to my small-but-ever-growing Nendoroid collection two years ago. Gotta admit, the only reason why I bought her was because I wanted her body! Don’t you want to swap that body and put a different head on it?


I don’t know why Airi is, other than she belongs to some ecchi visual novel called Queen’s Blade. All I ever cared was her cuteness. (And her cute outfit!)

AiriPromo AiriBox1 AiriBox2

By the way, Queen’s Blade Nendoroids are all manufactured by Freeing. The quality isn’t bad overall and and they’re pretty cheap. Unfortunately, they come with very little parts.


Airi comes with two faces. One is a default face with a smile. It looks pretty bland. They probably could’ve done a better job on that smile…

Now this face is much more interesting. It’s her fighting/shouting face!

Also, Airi has cherry red hair with twin tails and emerald eyes. That really hits my sweet spot. With those black maid bows, that’s extra sugar on top!

AiriFace3 AiriFace4

Since she was not manufactured by Good Smile Company, Airi’s head doesn’t match with regular Nendoroid face plates as you can see above. I took Kudryavka Noumi’s face and tried to fit it in.
That’s something you should note when buying Freeing Nendoroids.
AiriFace5 AiriFace6Some close up details of her hair. It’s overall very well sculpted and painted.


Airi’s body isn’t too bad for Nendoroid standards. Small minor paint bleeds but they are acceptable.AiriBody2

Even the back looks pretty nice!AiriBase

Her base is rather interesting. GSC usually uses skirt, back, or head bases. I feel indifferent about this leg base. Airi stands well and it was easy to put on and that’s all I care about. A base is no good if she wobbles regardless of the design.AiriBody3I’m not sure if it’s part of Airi’s powers, but she comes with two purple spirit things. Amps up the fighting spirit!

All in all, Airi all the way! She’s adorable, cute, well made all around, and you can use her maid outfit to fit on your favorite Nendoroid character.

You know…


Like this!
It’s so perfect so Azunyan!

AiriPromo2By the way, Airi, like all other Queen’s Blade Nendoroids, comes in variant color. It’s too bad she’s exclusive and limited to only 1000 pieces. It might be a little hard to find her in the aftermarket.

Her Nendoroid #168B color scheme is much more blonde with a dash of ecchi. Her clothes are ripped apart (well, just her chest, ha) with a squirmish/embarrassed facial expression.
I personally prefer her original much more… but it wouldn’t hurt to get that extra face and body. (Ahem, Nendoroid mentality alert, lol.)

3 thoughts on “Nendoroid #168A Airi by GSC

  1. These figures look cute and it’s cool that you can switch bodies, effectively giving the characters more costumes to wear.

    • Yeah. Next thing you’ll know, you’re seeing a mountain full of bodies and parts and starting to realize that your wallet feels a bit thin!

      Luckily I’ve managed to hold off my Nendoroid craze. Unfortunately, dolls might be the end of me this year.

      Don’t hesitate to ask me questions if you want to know where to buy them and more general info on Nendoroids or other action figures. I’d be more than happy to pull a new collector to the dark side, haha.

      • I have a couple of Figma figures. I wouldn’t mind picking up some of these Nendoroids, but I could never be a serious collector as my flat is lacking in storage space.

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