Taiga Aisaka from Todadora! by FuRyu Review


Aisaka Taiga, from the popular show Toradora!, is one of my most favorite anime characters. She may seem like your typical cookie cutter tsundere but thankfully she is not. She is one of the most intriguing multifaceted tsundere you’ll meet.

I don’t have any proper Taiga scaled figures, unfortunately, other than this one by FuRyu which is a prize figure. Her Max Factory & Chara-Ani figures with her school uniform is hard to find. She has plenty of other figures though, including swimsuits, angel dress, and her second school uniform.


I settled down for this figure because it shows Taiga’s inner nature: her kindness and love. Her outfit also reminds me of a scene in the anime that I really liked.



AiBox3She actually comes with a bookmark that I will never use unfortunately.

TaiFace1 TaiFace2

Her face is alright for a prize figure. At least she kind of looks like Taiga, although her eyes are a bit too red and the shape is a little off.

The smile appears to be very warm & gentle.
She also has this zig-zag pink blush that’s way too bright. I personally think it should be a little darker so it actually appears on her skin tone. Perhaps, even an airbrushed blush would even be better.


What makes prize figures scary sometimes, other than the disfigured face which thankfully Taiga doesn’t suffer from, would be the hair.
Taiga’s hair is actually very nicely sculpted! The mold lines are not very obvious and the hair should flow naturally.


Smart sculpt. The mold lines are perfectly hidden.
Except for the small paint that was chipped on the right flowing hair strand.TaiHair3

No big mold gaps. What a feat!TaiHair4FuRyu did a great job on her hair for a prize figure.


As for her body, Taiga has mold lines all long her sleeve.

Thankfully, her fingers look like fingers and not just melted skin stuck together in a web.

Shoes look good.

TaiBaseAs for her base, it’s really plain.

Overall, for a prize figure, this is a must-own item if you’re a Taiga fan. If I recall correctly, no other company produced a figure with Taiga’s winter outfit.
There’s also some special significance… as she’s holding onto Ryuuji’s scarf.

A heart warming figure of Taiga!


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