Suncatcher Shimmer Eyes Review


I’ve wanted teddy bear styled eyes as long as I could remember. I could never figure out what they were called until I asked around and finally I found my answer!

Finding teddy eyes for Pullips aren’t easy… The ones for sale on Ebay are almost all sold out so style and colors are very limited. Instead, I opted for Suncatcher Eyes.

The quality is pretty good. They are very shimmery and perfect for what I needed.
Also, I think these are all painted by the site owner, Michelle.
I just wished they were made out of glass!

I do want to point out that I bought the 12mm sized ones and they are a tiny bit small. Just a heads up.


Gunmetal, Pink, Green, Silver, Blue, Gold, Dark Brown

When I received the eyes, I was bummed out that the plastic rod was too long as they were meant to be buckled and sowed onto stuffed animals.

I don’t have any tools at all so I went to Home Depot, brought my eye piece, and asked around.


Wiss Straight-Cut Aviation Snips 18 GA

The snips worked great! Quick and easy with little effort. Apparently these were meant to cut down metal sheets according to the sales associate.


Nicholson Slim Taper File 6″ 150 mm

You can also buy a file to smooth down the sharp edges. I bought one in case and for future purposes. It’s good to have one in your tool box.


Tada! Cut and done.


Green & Blue


This was meant to show that the shimmer and color in the eyes were still noticeable in darker rooms. Pretty, aren’t they?


Silver & Pink


Dark Brown & Gold


Gunmetal & Silver

Differences between gunmetal and silver is very minor. I personally prefer gunmetal since the shadows appears to be darker around the edges. Silver is more bright and striking.



Interested in these teddy bear eyes?

Go ahead to Suncatcher Eyes and look into the Shimmer category.
There are also translucent, opaque, glitter (seasonal), and cat eyes, and others.


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