Nendoroid #104 Nakano Azusa Review


It’s time to review one of my good ol’ Nendoroid that I adore.


Nakano Azusa is one of my favorite characters from the anime K-On! that’s very fun to watch. She has a wide range of emotions and she’s always being teased among her circle of friends. Being always self-conscious of herself, she’s constantly being tormented, haha. Her Nendoroid really captures those moments in the show.

AzuPromo AzuBox1 AzuSpin1

Really love Azunyan’s accessories. She has an amp, her trusty guitar, her nekomimi hairband, and her cat.

AzuFace1 AzuFace2 AzuFace3

Azusa’s face is perfect. The color and shape of those eyes are spot on. Her expressions are also representative of her character.

I do want to note that her eyes eventually cracked on one of her face plates. Not sure if it’s because of age or some other factor but it’s unfortunate. I try not to pay too much attention to it.


Her hair is also perfect in terms of mold and shading aside from minor scratches.


Azunyan’s body is perfect. Along with the right outfit, the paint job, for a Nendoroid, is very well done!AzuBody5

This is our Azusa displayed with all of her accessories.


Tiny paint bleeding on the guitar.

The kitty is decently painted. Too bad you can sorta see the black beneath the white paint.

AzuBody7Lastly, the amp is pretty good.


Her base is an interesting one. Not only it’s cat shaped just like her hairband, but she can also tilt backwards. I couldn’t see the point to that.

Overall, this Nendoroid is absolutely cute. If you like K-On! and Azusa, then this Nendoroid is a must. You can also hear her voice while posing her!
Side note: I will probably get her Figma eventually, but I’m in no rush. Figmas aren’t really my thing since the quality is usually lacking.

I also enjoyed teasing Azunyan by putting a maid outfit on her, hehe.

DSC05459 DSC05463And extra Azunyan GIFs~

941e364200274ad552cc2957 tumblr_nmtwq3nCJX1sgsmuuo1_500

This makes me want to re-watch K-On! again ^^;

And I made a bonus comic our of love.



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